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    Top law enforcement and intelligence officials affirmed they found no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 election, senior administration and intelligence community officials told Fox News on Wednesday, citing transcripts of House Intelligence Committee interviews that have been cleared for release.       #Russiagate Truth, Post-Truth, […]

    The media exists in name only but not in fact.           Intro by Peter Boykin and his book #Russiagate Truth, Post-Truth, or Damed Lies on sale at         Original Article By Victor Davis Hanson at   Do the Media Even Exist?   #GoRightNews with Peter Boykin […]

The Original Article and Video Went over 3 news articles and a few videos of news reports, it gave opinions of vaccines but did not encourage people not to take them or to hurt themselves. Yet YOUTUBE BANNED THIS VIDEO       When Gov. Cooper or Any Governor or Government ‘Orders’ mandatory compliance for […]

When Gov. Cooper or Any Governor or Government ‘Orders’ mandatory compliance for COVID-19 vaccine. Will you comply? It’s coming!       First a recap of how we got there… For those ignorant of history, the Nazis also had orders to keep people in their homes, shut down their businesses, and “helped” care for those […]

Fox News has “cut ties” with pro-Trump personalities Diamond & Silk, who until recently appeared on the network’s online streaming network, Fox Nation, according to the Daily Beast.       The report comes after the pair appeared to muse whether Chinese coronavirus deaths in the U.S. were inflated to reflect poorly on President Donald […]

Remember Trump Did NOT Shutdown America but he WILL #ReopenAmerica and #MAGA If you don’t support Trump you can always go back to eating tide pods, drinking bleach, and licking toilets on planes.   Remember Trump Did NOT Shutdown America but he WILL #ReopenAmerica and #MAGA Remember Trump Did NOT Shutdown America the corporate industry […]

Forbes: Proposed: $2,000 Monthly Stimulus Checks And Canceled Rent And Mortgage Payments For 1 Year The CARES Act provided a lifeline for taxpayers and small businesses. But as a one-time cash payment, many fear that it didn’t do enough to support taxpayers in one of our country’s greatest times of need. Especially in light of […]

Roger Stone Needs Our Help #GoRight Activists Are Needed          As Republicans & #GoRight Individuals cannot Fight everything at the ballot box. I refuse to sugarcoat it, those on the Right the Conservatives, Republicans, the Right-wingers we like to lose because inaction or just reaction is what keeps getting us there. We […]

1984 “Misinformation” #BigTech Takedown Inquires and Zuckerberg 1984 Misinformation Big Tech Takedown Will you Lay down your digital lives for free speech? Just who determines what info is True or Labeled False?! #ReOpenAmerica is a Statement and an inevitable outcome unless Facebook is trying to say that America should never be open again?! Listen to […]

Today was a Victory For Free Speech.   Fake News Might Tell you no one showed up but over 1000 protestors came from all over NC to #ReOpenNC and #ReOpenAmerica even under the threat of having their Facebook accounts deleted by Big Tech. Full Rally Footage:     Only one minor scuffle was all that […]


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