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Is This Still America? We at #GoRight Refuse to settle for this NEW Normal and We will fight back.. #GoRight with Peter Boykin GoRightNews.com GoRight.us t.me/GoRightNews t.me/RealPeterBoykin Listen to “The LEFT is Destroying Our Past Will we even have a Future? It is Time to Go Right” on Spreaker.

#GoRight Activism Starts with Interviewing Those Who Want to Make Change in our Government… Today we interview Merle Rutledge who is Running for VA GOP Governor Candidate .. Together Let’s Make America Great Always for Everyone Visit his page at https://www.facebook.com/MTRJFORGOPGOVERNOROFVA2021/ Listen to “GoRight Interviews Merle Rutledge GOP Candidate for Virginia Governor” on Spreaker.

To help you rationalize things you must understand one basic thing All leftists are psychopaths… And ones in training are all sociopaths So Congress takes a 2-week vacation Will piss around more to decide if we get more funding for a pandemic shutdown (almost overnight) the government imposed on its citizens and the media keeps […]

Questions and Statements   Is Trump really discriminating against transgender people? or is this just the left exploiting an identity group? Is there really a list of President Trump’s accomplishments for the LGBT community? What about the GOP IDENTITY POLITICS DOUBLE STANDARD TOWARDS GAYS FOR TRUMP How do we get the GOP to recognize that […]

Leftist Gays and Blacks Are Being Used By The Democrats As Pawns Trump is FOR the Gay Community and We at #GaysForTrump are Fighting against the Left as we continue to #GoRight   Listen to “Why are Leftist Gays So Easily Fooled and Triggered?” on Spreaker.       #GoRightNews with Peter Boykin Visit us […]

Please sign this petition: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/make-big-tech-ie-facebook-twitter-youtube-accountable-their-actions-and-stop-discriminating-against-individuals     Make Big Tech: ie: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube Accountable for their actions and stop discriminating against individuals. Big Tech Censorship is a major problem for Free Speech. When we continue to allow publically traded companies to discriminate against potential customers and users due to political bias or other biases […]

    Without trying to paint some majorly biased Orwellian nightmare, let’s look at the facts. Big data and artificial intelligence per predictive modeling is here, it’s already impacting our lives. It could be used for bad or good all depending on how the corporate or state entities behind them see fit. Should we just […]

   Now that he’s the acting Director of National Intelligence, Grenell is after one thing on behalf of the American people: the truth.        In his role as the DNI, Grenell has used his power responsibly, thoughtfully, and constitutionally to find the facts about what happened across the intelligence agencies serving the American […]

  EMT Isaac Smith talks about his experience as a COVID-19 volunteer in New Jersey and the failure of the lockdown and other government policies.     Props to Bruce Majors for the video at the #ReopenDC rally by Suzzane Monk Listen to “EMT Isaac Smith talks about his experience as a COVID-19 volunteer in […]

  Suzzanne Monk throws one awesome #ReopenDC #ReopenAmerica rally #GoRight and #ReopenUSA     It is time to #ReopenUSA Phase one #ReopenNow     Listen to “Reopen DC Reopen America Rally Go Right and Reopen USA” on Spreaker.     #GoRightNews with Peter Boykin Visit us at GoRightNews.com For More RIGHT NEWS Join The #GoRight […]

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