Oklahoma House Passes Near-Total Abortion Ban With Threat Of Prison For Providers

  Oklahoma lawmakers passed a bill that would make it illegal to perform an abortion in the state except in medical emergencies, penalizing those who do with up to $100,000 in fines and 10 years in prison. An abortion ban in Oklahoma would widen a swath of the country where there is little to no […]

The World’s First Out Gay Head Of State Appointed In San Marino

    San Marino, the world’s oldest republic, has taken another historic step this week in appointing the world’s first openly gay head of state: 58-year-old Paolo Rondelli.   Rondelli will join Oscar Mina as one of the two captains regent, San Marino’s heads of state, according to The Guardian.   Before his role as […]

U.S. Government May Need More Than 100,000 Charging Stations

  The U.S. government may need more than 100,000 charging stations to support widespread electric vehicle use, a government watchdog told a congressional hearing. The Government Accountability Office said in testimony as of March, federal agencies own about 1,100 charging stations. President Joe Biden in December signed an executive order directing the U.S. government to […]

Twitter Critic Elon Musk Becomes Its Biggest Shareholder

Twitter Critic Elon Musk Becomes Its Biggest Shareholder