Is there a Political Double Standard on What Gets You Fired if you Offend a Gay or Trans-person? Just Ask Mika & Joy

Written by on December 17, 2018

Is there a Political Double Standard on What Gets You Fired if you Offend a Gay or Trans-person?
Just Ask Mika & Joy

Recently I was asked to Comment on this:
“Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski apologized last week for calling Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, a “butt-boy.” Meanwhile, the network’s Joy Reid, blamed homophobic rhetoric on her pre-fame blog on hackers before eventually admitting it was indeed her own act. Neither Brzezinski, nor Reid, were disciplined in any capacity.

Here is my FULL answer – 

First of all, the biggest issue we see is, it’s okay for the left to do EVERYTHING they preach against.

The left claim everyone on the right is racist, yet use racism on a daily basis. Example; look at the way some white people are treated by some black people, simply because the narrative is, “all white people are racist.” Some may call this is reverse racism, but it IS merely racism, period.

In addition, rap artists have been using gay and homophobic slurs in their songs for decades. Not to mention, a vast majority of mainstream rap, hip-hop, and other modern music forms, objectify women on a regular basis. YET, the left are the primary ones who put out these types of media. Another example is Snoop Dog, Eminem, and other artists calling out Trump and his supporters saying he wants to grab women by the junk and other derogatory statements. Yet their music, time and time again, is downright everything they claim to be against.

Recently, comedian Kevin Hart, who made gay jokes in the past was removed from a major event as the Master of Ceremonies. Keep in mind, making fun of stereotypes has been the basis for comedy for as long as comedy has been around, at least in the modern world. Which is what makes comedy funny, it’s humor, and we need to be able to laugh at ourselves. But, to see a few tweets from 10 years ago shut down a comedian from hosting an awards show because the “gays” might be offended, is a bit absurd.

What’s next? Will Martin Lawrence get persecuted for his many years of doing Sheneneh Jenkins?  Sheneneh Jenkins on the show Martin was a character played by Mr. Lawrence and was pretty much a big transsexual woman infatuated with the main character. Additionally, comedians in roles as Transgender or gay characters helped launch the careers of actors of such as, Tom Hanks in Bosom Buddies, Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie, and Wesley Snipes, Patrick Swayze, John Leguizamo, in To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar. Staring in these rolls may have helped kicked off their careers or move them into another category, such as comedy, but by today’s standards would they be trans-phobic, homophobic or prejudical? Let us not forget, Ladybugs, Birdcage, Mrs. Doubtfire, Big Momma’s House, Madea (in everything), White Chicks, etc. are some of the most iconic portrayals and could now be under attack. Movies and TV shows like these have been going on forever and were some of the best comedy characters in history.

In the minds of the far-left LGBTQ community, comedy in any form is now off limits. According to those siding with the far-left, which should really be deemed the gay mafia, if a comedian were to think or say anything remotely considered trans-phobic or homophobic, they would be subjected to ridicule and persecution to the highest level. Particularly if you are a Republican or not aligned with the left. This is not limited to Gay, or transgender, it’s Black vs White, Left vs Right. It’s an overall attack on comedy and the First Amendment. We are not talking slap on the wrist here, we are talking, end of your career type persecution. Remember Roseanne?

Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski, asked her husband of less than a year and long-time co-host, Joe Scarborough, if Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was a patriot or if he cared or was he just a “wannabe dictator’s butt boy?” Brzezinski’s made this comment  during a segment stating her opinion on Pompeo’s response to the murder of Saudi journalist during an interview on the Fox News program Fox & Friends. Brzezinski later apologized and recanted stating she meant to say water-boy. But the evidence is clear. When a liberal is caught in the wrong, “by accident” and apologizes – all is well. Remember Samantha Bee calling Ivanka Trump a “feckless cunt” on her television show. She also apologized. So all is well. Rosanne Barr also apologized for her off comment. Fired, killed off her own show, and career destroyed.

So it’s NO surprise, the woman who turned Joe into a liberal and down a path of degeneracy would feel free and clear to make such an outlandishly Gay Slur. It’s extremely dumbfounding to see those on the left thinking it’s perfectly okay to make statements like someone is someone’s “butt boy.” Brzezinski might as well had said someone’s “bottom bitch” or “fa**ot slave.”

Although she apologized with an OOOPS I’m sorry, (not really) “I meant to say “water boy” ” there should be no forgiveness as she said what she wanted to say when it first came out. There are NO take-backs. Ask Roseanne Barr, Kevin Hart, or a number of others who’ve been persecuted in social media and careers derailed again about take-backs. 









So where is the outrage from those on the left about Mika making racial or homophobic slurs? Where are all the Gay Supporting Groups demanding the removal of Mika or at least something? or the HRC for that matter? Oh that’s right, maybe it’s because the Human Rights Campaign is too busy with their own problems?! Such as their Head of Human Rights Campaign Foundation resigns after using racial slur.

If this was Laura Ingram or Tucker Carlson who said this, they would be YELLING for Blood! Resignations or firings would have already taken place. Sadly in this day and age, the group who yells the loudest is the one who gets their way.

After all, we are living in a upside down world, where the Proud Boys, a controversial yet effective group standing up for all rights are completely shut down and vilified. Meanwhile, Antifa continues to claim they are all about the right for free speech yet they are a extremely violent and a known hate group that continues to break, burn, and destroy everything they come in contact with all in the name of anti-fascism. Although, as Antifa demonstrates they practice the opposite of our Constitutional right to PEACEFUL free speech, and then they are championed by the left. Meanwhile they are allowed to remain on social media, attend rallies, and cause complete chaos, while the Proud Boys have been ultra banned from everything! In many places, such as Portland, OR, the police stand down to these thugs. It is the Proud Boys who are comprised of all races, LGBTQ, and women, who stood up against the violence of Antifa to protect peaceful free speech.

Trump was correct about Charlottesville. There were bad actors on both sides. Yet Antifa, which is again “anti fascist” is the most fascist group there is. They are full of hate, and will attack anyone if you disagree, in fact they will NOT even debate you. I was attacked by two of them in Durham last year so I would know. I tried to talk to them, rationalize with them. They were straight hateful.

As for Joy Reid, her excuse is about as bad as Hillary’s excuse that Benghazi was because of a YouTube video (that no one watched) it’s all cover up BS. I suppose they expect the brainwashed to just believe what they are told rather than seek the truth. After all this is the same left that believed Elizabeth Warren is a Indian and that this Ocasio-Cortez is of Jewish heritage. Joy Reid wrote homophobic items on her blogs, she tried to cover it up, but they forget, the internet is forever and she had to admit it was indeed her own acts.

Why are these people not disciplined? Same reason why Deadspin can write an article demanding conservative gays “shut the fuck up.” Which is NOT going to happen: you just asked a bunch of misplaced gays kicked out of their own community for voting for Trump and getting off the reservation to SHUT UP. (now remember this is the same community that preaches for diversity) LOL – that is not going to happen! See article. 

The left Lies to the Gays, in fact, I was told by an LGBTQ in their 20’s the person who killed all those people in Pulse nightclub was really a Hispanic and they hid it because it didn’t fit the “conservative media agenda.” Now remember, this is the same left who embraced Hillary Clinton in the last presidential election. Clinton is the same woman who hated same-sex marriage – see the evidence.

Additionally and how easily forgotten was how Clinton pushed the Keep Your DAMN mouth Shut About Being Gay in the Military or you will LOSE your JOB legislation. Otherwise called “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Which we fell for. She is also the same woman who took the father of the Islamic terrorist who killed all those Gays in the Pulse Nightclub Terrorist attack and sat him behind her at a presidential campaign rally only a few weeks after the tragedy. See video. 

The answer is the left – especially those who are LGBTQI..etc are brainwashed (just like Black people) that Democrats are looking out for them. But, unfortunately they are being- used, and the Democrats use them for their spokes people against the right.

On the contrary, as a recovering-liberal, the right has whole-heartedly accepted me. Just like Trump embraced all Gay people who are Republican or right leaning during and after the election. Gay people who want a Greater America are encouraged by those on the right. I have felt so much love from the right. and they are not using me, they are happy for me to be a part of the GOP… they encourage me to join NOT because I am gay… not because my husband is biracial… but because we match in our beliefs for a better and greater America. Gays For Trump and those on that are a part of the Gay Right are not about the identity politics of the left. These leftist identity politics are seen on LGBTQ nation and other Gay oriented media… where everything is about “muhhhh rights” and everything Trump does is anti gay while ignoring their own parties homophobia and slurs. Ignoring people on the left that EVERY single day just like Mika and Joy Reid who say nasty things about the “gays” who are extremely against gays (just look at a majority of black churches) but somehow they all get a pass… because those “evil Christians at chick-fla (which have you seen the workers (half of them a gay)) hate gays and Mike Pence wants us all to be shocked.

The problem with the left is that they generalize the extreme of the right… and think that 1% of the right which are bad eggs, ie white supremacists and homophobic and racist bigots somehow make up the rest of the 99% of the people on the right…. and for that we all get punished, we all get suspended from Twitter and other social media because the leftist lynch mobs are constantly out to get us… yet in their own minds, everyone on the left is WONDERFUL… everyone on the left is PRO GAY… everyone on the left is peaceful and loving and non hateful… the truth is so far from it…

So yes, Mika and Joy.. are just as guilty as those the left accuse of being homophobic, but the problem is perceptions and denial.. the Left has gone so far extreme they refuse to see that they are standing in a landfill but in their minds they are in a rose garden.




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