Peter Boykin Founder of Gays For Trump Disabled by Facebook Days before his Political Election

Written by on October 31, 2018

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Peter Boykin Founder of Gays For Trump Disabled by Facebook Days before his Political Election

So first Twitter Disabled @BoykinForHouse Campaign account, then the 2nd one @BoykinForHouse_ , and a chunk of Peter Boykin’s other business accounts.

Leaving only his verified account @PeterBoykin

Now today,  Peter Boykin went to login and his Facebook account only to find out it has been disabled.

After being a part of their site since 2008, its NOW that they disable him!

It directs him to a page to tell him he violated something, but not told exactly what that something is.

Peter Boykin was not issued a warning, nor was not directed what this was, he was just disabled.

10 years of his online social life and connections to others around the world just “disabled”

There is NO way to contact Facebook, there is no number, not a real public relations, just a link to fill out a form.

The response he received was was nothing but a loop, and any more responses back are not coming.

Peter Boykin says that he is at witts end, he knows its election time, He know everyone’s busy, but people need to rise up to raise hell about this.

SOMEONE needs to do something about this!

People that know Peter Boykin knows that  he wants peace,  he says repeatedly over and over again that

“I FIGHT against extremism on both sides. I will reach across the isle to get something done for the good of ALL people, and I want civility in politics and discussion.”

Peter  doesn’t post extremism, he does post opinion when he see things that are NOT right, and that can be from both sides.

Peter is quoted as saying “If I was instructed something was not good I would remove it, but I have NOT been given that option, and in 10 years I never have been in trouble except for when I became political with Gays For Trump, and my response to death threats.

I am tired of those on the Right being attacked for being of different political leanings.”

Of course the argument is they are private businesses, but let us ask you…

If this was the Pony Express, the Original Train system, The Airlines, The Telephone Company, the Internet companies, The Power Company, The Cell Phone Companies, etc that denied serving people over different political beliefs would that fly?


Social media is no different than those Public items that are regulated. They have proven that they can take someones voice completely out when the silenced Info Wars, and recently these companies shut down GAB because one member happened to be that racist guy that committed the murders of those poor Jewish people. So the lefts argument of telling us to just go somewhere else to talk is moot.

Because they will just seek out to shut down any other ways people can talk. They are systematically shutting down ANY social media means for people who lean right to communicate on. It seems Peter Boykin might have been caught up in a “proud boy” shutdown by anyone who has EVER been in contact with them.

Peter Boykin is  not a proud boy, but they are one of the only organizations that protects people who peacefully protest. Antifa is the violent organization that shows up and starts fighting and threatening the lives of the innocent. I know this because I have been assaulted by them in Durham. They throw the first punch, and unfortunately Proud boys has to defend others, yet the left turns them into the enemy.

Our argument can go on and on in this subject but honestly break it down, if Walmart was the ONLY viable place you could go to buy food or goods and they banned you and told you to go elsewhere, but then made it impossible for you to go anywhere else, then they are violating your right to survival and life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

This is what Social media is doing to us, we have a different point of view, we are NOT violating crimes, we just want to use social media just like we wanted to use the telephone, the cell phone, or other ways of communication to communicate with others and individuals. We should have EVERY right to do so. Facebook, Twitter and other Social media sites are PUBLIC and even though ran by a “private” company which has taken government funding over the years though they still offer a service to the PUBLIC, and denying people this service for no reasons and no ways to communicate to the head to fix issues makes for our individual freedoms of service and standards to be taken away.

This is ONLY going to get worse.

North Carolina needs to be the standing ground on this issue.

Peter Boykin says ” I am willing to be the Ginny pig in this battle but I need the support, I need the help and I need ANY contacts you have to get his done. I need the NC GOP to make a statement, and I need support.”

Please help.

has disabled my account days before no reason and no recourse?! I’m running for office! Why? Also why do these companies have NO way to reach out to them?! The response I received from them was just looking.. I have been a member of Facebook since 08


Being Banned or Suspended from a Social Media Company that Invites other Brands, Organizations and Politicians to Use their Platform for Business means you have a Business relationship. When someone is banned for or No reason you have damaged that brand financially

@Chadwick_Moore was even suspended

Lots of Suggestions and Lots of really nasty comments were said (leaving out the nasty ones mainly)

Basically telling Peter Boykin he was banned by association with the Proud Boys… but it seems facebook says anyone praising them will be banned…

Ultimately Peter Boykin Defended lots of #FakeNews and Got Some Support







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