#ReleaseTheReport MoveOnOrg Rallies Planned Nationwide: Patriots you know what to do! Counter-Protest!

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#ReleaseTheReport Rallies Planned Nationwide: Patriots you know what to do! Counter-Protest!

Using the technology that the liberals pay for to get out the word for these “rapid response” rallies you should spend their money and find out where one is.

Then counter-protest!

The Republicans need to learn how to protest and in fact, it’s a shame that those on the right do not also have this similar system in place. Though sadly the GOP has never been good about grassroots.

If you are in the DC area one such rally, for example, is happening.

Note that in order to get permits to rally at this particular park it takes a lot of planning and funding.

Meanwhile, The MAGA Network has struggled to put up one single rally in this same park on June 8 the American Pride Rally with lack of participation and funding.

We as Patriots need to step up our game, we need to have a network of counter-protestors that can preserve our liberty and ensure that our voices are heard.

Maybe if we work on the March For Trump Rallies enthusiasm will increase for such activism?

Now, we need to Protest their events which there are many, below is the information straight from the source.


This is straight from their website.



Rapid-Response Events





#ReleaseTheReport Rally

Thursday, April 4 at 5 p.m.

Collin R. Raquel J. Emma E. Aquene F. Reggie H. Rio T.

White House (Lafayette Park)
Washington, DC 20001

WHAT TO EXPECT: Join us at the White House this Thursday, April 4th, to rally in demanding full transparency and disclosure of the Mueller report and its underlying findings.

We’ll be joined by Chair of the House Judiciary Committee Jerry Nadler, other members of Congress, and various coalition leaders, who will speak about their ongoing efforts to hold this administration accountable and how to move forward in the pursuit of transparency and accountability.

The program will also include performances from local singers and other artists. WHY

WE’RE RALLYING: Trump believes he has been “exonerated” by the Mueller investigation, but Barr’s summary concludes the exact opposite. In order for Congress to hold Trump accountable, and to restore the American people’s faith in our laws and system of government, Barr must release the full findings of the Mueller investigation.

WHAT TO BRING: Feel free to bring homemade signs, American flags, or other creative protest attire. Some people are planning to make signs out of empty manila folders with our “Release the Report” core message.

ACCESSIBILITY: We will have ASL interpreters and an area blocked off for persons with disabilities/chronic illnesses and seniors. If you require further accommodations or have questions about accessibility, please contact accessibility@dcactionlab.com

INVITE YOUR FRIENDS! Be sure to share this with people in your network. Rachel Maddow announced our protests on her show Monday, and we expect a lot of media attention. Our event will be the flagship rally that will be livestreamed and broadcast across the country.

Note that the permit and setup for this park








Here are their talking points:

We are here today because we believe in the rule of law and we have a president who doesn’t. We are here today to say enough is enough. We stand with Americans across the country to confront President Trump and Attorney General Barr and their efforts to hide the findings of the Mueller investigation from the public. We are here to stand up to Donald Trump.


From California to New York, from Iowa to Idaho, Americans are joining in similar protests like this one to stand up for the rule of law and for transparency in our democracy. We are proud to be part of this historic and important effort.


We the people are the ultimate power in our democracy. Donald Trump can’t take that away from us, no matter how hard he tries. It will be we the people who hold him accountable for his abuses of power and corruption. And it is we the people that must stand up to his latest attempt to protect himself, his family, and his indicted associates from being held accountable.


President Trump is not above the law. Nobody is above the law. The American people expect the President of the United States to play by the rules and lawbreakers to be held accountable. Throughout the last two years, President Trump has acted as if he is above the law by repeatedly threatening to undermine the rule of law and anyone that tries to hold him accountable – the press, Special Counsel Mueller, and we the people have all been attacked by this president.


The Mueller investigation has resulted in 37 indictments or guilty pleas, and five prison sentences. Any attempt by the Trump administration or his allies in Congress to hide the findings of this investigation from the public is unacceptable and must be stopped. Barr owes it to the American people to answer what happened in the 2016 election and tell us more about the man who could be re-elected to office in 2020.


Americans across backgrounds and political beliefs agree: the report must be made public. 9 in 10 Americans want Mueller’s report to be public, including a whopping 80% in Trump’s own party, according to a CNN poll released March 20, 2019.


If Barr hides the report, our Elected Officials must take action to make the report public. Barr is an unreliable source who was appointed by Trump as Attorney General because of his expansive view of executive power and his criticisms of the Mueller investigation. Our Members of Congress should subpoena the contents of the report, or Robert Mueller himself, to help make the findings of the Mueller investigation public.

We also demand that Congress immediately investigate any and all efforts to obstruct justice and abuse power. Congress must uphold its constitutional obligation to do its job and hold power accountable.



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