For a Brief Moment #SilentSam was Silent No More, Although He will NOT be the last Death of the Civil War if @SPLCenter, #Antifa, and the #Left Get their method!

Written by on August 21, 2018

Protesters topple Silent Sam Confederate statue at UNC

For a Brief Moment Silent Sam was Silent No More,

Although He will NOT be the last Death of the Civil War if , Antifa, and the Left Get their way!


The event unfolded as students begin a new semester at UNC Tuesday, almost a year after a massive march against Silent Sam in the aftermath of violence in Charlottesville.

The Silent Sam statue, erected in 1913, was built to honor Confederate soldiers in the Civil War.

Protesters vowed to sustain the pressure on the university to relocate the Confederate monument, but campus and UNC system officials insisted a 2015 state law prevented them from doing so.


At 9:15pm on Aug 20th 2018 the Civil War had another death, this time it was not of flesh and blood but as metal and stone.

Silent Sam the Controversial Confederate statue on the campus of UNC-Chapel Hill fell and the blame is on lots of hands.

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(For those that Denied the Presence of Antifa – Photos don’t lie)

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Not only due to “Students” and Protesters, but domestic terrorist groups like Antifa as well as the failure of the police. Such as The Orange County Sheriff! His office had at least 2 hours, before the destruction, to get in there, quell the shenanigans, & enforce the LAW.

He made a decision, NOT TO ACT! Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, textImage may contain: one or more people, people standing, outdoor and nature

After the initial skirmish, town and university police officers took a hands off approach, standing a short distance away, keeping a watchful eye on the protest. After about two hours, many of the marchers headed to Franklin Street, followed by some of the officers. A core group of protesters stayed with the statue.

So the Question is: Who gave the order for the police in Chapel Hill last night to stand down and let the mob act in anarchy!?

Last night in chapel hill the few confederate supporters couldn’t stop the protesters. Cops formed a barrier around them hence allowing the destruction.

-The right to tear down and destroy public property you find offensive with no debate and no police interference
-The right to deploy smoke canisters as part of your protest without police interference.
-the right to block traffic with no permit while marching with no police interference
-the right to select future targets for vandalism at will without police interference…….The violent Left at work again…

UNC is and always has been a hotbed of Liberalism.


Several bystanders wearing Confederate flags on T-shirts watched the protest. Clint Procell, 31, wore a Trump hat. A self-described conservative, Procell said he wanted to see for himself how intolerant the people protesting Silent Sam were, and the experience didn’t disappoint. He said he was pushed and his hat was temporarily stolen.

One Random protester stated “The main reason for me to come was to see the people fighting against Trump,”

He described some of the protesters’ language as hateful against police and conservatives, but said he also had several conversations that were remarkably open.

UNC has long tried to protect the statue, spending $390,000 on securing it last year. The university has cited state law in its refusal to remove Silent Sam; North Carolina, along with other Southern states, recently strengthened its laws protecting Confederate monuments.

A skirmish broke out early when someone threw a smoke bomb. Police chased one man and arrested another for resisting, delaying and obstructing an officer.

The protesters quickly took control of the area immediately around the statue, hoisting four tall banners in a square that almost completely obscured it.

The head of the Confederate soldier occasionally poked out from the top of the banners.

Police formed a perimeter around protesters. One banner said, “The whole world is watching. Which side are you on?” Image result for silent sam must come down flyer

Earlier in the evening, protesters covered the statue with tall, gray banners, erecting “an alternative monument” that said, in part, “For a world without white supremacy.” Meanwhile under a cloak of this protest, the protesters were working behind the scenes of this covering with ropes while they secured their way to bring the statue down.

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Which is exactly what they did as only 2 hours into the rally and with a loud CLANG, Silent Sam was Silent No Longer, and then the crowd cheered at this act of violence.

Student paper The Daily Tar Heel reported that the protesters used a rope to pull the statue to the ground, and that it came down around 9:20 p.m.

Image result for silent sam must come down flyerThen in a taunt there was a black cap on the statue that said “Do it Like Durham” which is a reference to how they made the confederate statue fall there a year ago. 


On a side note, forgive me if I don’t immediately take the street to record what happened up close as fast this year… still recovering from last years run in… and honestly I cannot bring you news if I am not in one piece.

VIDEO: Gays For Trump Leader Assaulted As Police Stand Down



When Silent Sam was pulled down, it sent people screaming and jumping in disbelief. Smoke bombs were set off around what was left of the monument.

People rushed to the remains, taking photos and stomping on the monument that had been erected in 1913 with donations from the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

This crowd also contained Chelsea Manning

The statue has been the focus of protests and vandalism for decades, but especially in the past year.

UNC had installed surveillance cameras and spent $390,000 on security around the statue last year.

Protestors knew the statue was under constant police surveillance, but they came prepared with banners that provided cover for the organizers to secure rope around it and bring it down.

WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY… but I think people should DEMAND this money paid back!

UNC is state funded, and that is Tax Dollars included, so as a tax payer of the state of NC, we deserve our money back!

Meanwhile, Police stood guard over the pedestal and the fallen statue, while people in the crowd hugged and raised their cell phones to capture the moment.

Rain began to fall, and thunder rolled in.



Next up, Charlottesville!” the protestors shouted. The call to remove Confederate monuments, viewed by many as symbols of white supremacy, has intensified since the deadly rally in Charlottesville, VA, one year ago, which was sparked by the potential removal of the Robert E. Lee statue in the city’s downtown (the statue is still there).

Some of the demonstrators wore Carolina blue bandannas over their faces that said, “Sam must fall.”

Stephanie Chang, 21, a recent UNC graduate, said “It’s like, Silent Sam has been tucked in, put to bed,” by the time she had got to the protest she saw Silent Sam’s head on the ground. Soon, police were covering the statue with a tarp.

Andrew Skinner, 23, who graduated from UNC earlier this year, said he was glad the statue fell in an illegal act.

Patty Matos, a senior at UNC-Chapel Hill, said she left the protest less than hour before the statue came down because she was tired and sweaty, and it was going to rain at any moment. But then she got home, checked The Daily Tar Heel‘s Twitter, and there it was — on the ground.
“This statue has been a constant reminder to Black and brown students of how academia wasn’t made for them; it was a physical manifestation of institutional racism and I’m so glad it’s gone,” Matos told Refinery29.
Matos said she participated in a similar protest last year, but that this one was more organized.

UNC released a statement Monday night.

“Around 9:20 p.m., a group from among an estimated crowd of 250 protesters brought down the Confederate Monument on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,” the statement said. “Tonight’s actions were dangerous, and we are very fortunate that no one was injured. We are investigating the vandalism and assessing the full extent of the damage.”

Matos tweeted in response.
“Y’all call it vandalism? Weird, I call it justice,”

A statement from Chancellor Carol Folt, issued early Tuesday called the actions

“unlawful and dangerous” after acknowledging, “The monument has been divisive for years, and its presence has been a source of frustration for many people not only on our campus, but throughout the community.”

Gov. Roy Cooper’s office also released a statement, saying he

“understands that many people are frustrated by the pace of change and he shares their frustration, but violent destruction of public property has no place in our communities.”

The question by late Monday was what will happen now that the statue has been torn off its base.

It was face down in the mud as a late night thunderstorm passed through town.

Police cordoned off the area around the statue with yellow crime scene tape.

Eventually, the statue was loaded into a truck.

silent sam

The Southern Poverty Law Center says that as of June, at least 110 public symbols of the Confederacy have been removed in the U.S. since 2015, the year a white supremacist killed nine people in one of the country’s oldest Black churches. But the group said more than 1,740 still stand. So if there is one major removal per year… it’s going to be a LONG time before this issue is over.

A Call For Action Has been put out:

CONTACT UNC officials and the Chapel Hill PD immediately.

Demand arrests of the criminals and some are calling for an immediate restoration of the memorial. (although personally in my opinion I frankly don’t care if it returns)

If you are a UNC alumni, please let them know you will not be supporting the school until the vandals are arrested and the memorial is dealt with.

Contact info:

UNC President Margaret Spellings | 919-962-6983
103 South Building, Campus Box 9100, UNC-Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC,27599

UNC Board of Trustees Contact Information:
Haywood D. Cochrane, Jr. (Haywood)
Elected 2013; term ends 2021
2016 Muirfield Court
Elon, NC 27244
(336) 584-1004

Charles G. Duckett (Chuck)
Vice Chair
Elected 2013; term ends 2021
Battle & Associates, Inc.
200 South Marshall Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27101
(336) 761-8243

Julia Sprunt Grumbles (Julia)
Elected 2015; term ends 2019
350 Tenney Circle
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
(678) 640-3101

Jefferson W. Brown (Jeff)
Elected 2013; term ends 2021
Moore & Van Allen PLLC
100 N. Tryon Street, Suite 4700
Charlotte, NC 28202
(704) 331-1144

W. Lowry Caudill, Ph.D. (Lowry)
Past Chair
Elected 2011; term ends 2019
104 Tennwood Court
Durham, NC 27712
(919) 724-6545

Kelly Matthews Hopkins (Kelly)
Elected 2013; term ends 2021
1930 Queens Road West
Charlotte, NC 28207
(704) 904-7430

Hari H. Nath (Hari)
Elected 2015; term ends 2019
102 Loch Stone Lane
Cary, NC 27518
(919) 803-0478

Richard Y. Stevens (Richard)
Past Chair
Elected 2017; term ends 2021
132 Lochwood West Drive
Cary, N.C. 27518
(919) 851-0228

Dwight D. Stone (Dwight)
Immediate Past Chair
Elected 2013; term ends 2021
1102 Country Club Drive
Greensboro, N.C. 27408
(336) 288-9393

Contact information for the Chapel Hill Police Chief and Police Department here:

PLEASE take the time to contact these folks and demand action, and forward this article to as many people as possible.

For more information, email Ast. Chief Celisa Lehew at or call 919-968-2834.

Chapel Hill Police Department 919-968-2760 919-968-2846
Investigative Division 919-968-2760 919-932-2995
Crime Stoppers 919-942-7515
Office of Professional Standards 919-968-2863
Administrative Office 919-968-2760 919-968-2846
Public Information Officer 919-969-4878
Community Services 919-969-2068
Traffic Unit 919-968-2760
Recruiting 919-968-2867
Records Division 919-968-2747 919-968-2846
Crisis Unit 919-968-2760 919-968-2846
Crime Analyst 919-968-2760
Watch Commander 919-612-8240


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