Month: March 2021

Where is the Lefts Outrage About The Border Crisis   Graham rips Biden, Harris on the border; demands access during a visit A fuming Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., railed against President Joe Biden and his administration’s role in the crisis at the southern border Tuesday, suggesting the White House is gaslighting the public into believing […]

Joe Biden’s open border policy is creating a new revenue-stream for Mexican cartels by trafficking children. ✈️ Air travel topped 1.5 million for the first time since March 2020 😷 56% of Americans claim they will wear masks post-pandemic 🚨 62% of voters believe Biden will raise middle-class taxes FULL UPDATE ON BOULDER, COLORADO SHOOTER […]

To Hell with the Constitution, THEY ARE COMING FOR YOUR GUNS Biden Administration Urges Supreme Court To Let Cops Enter Homes And Seize Guns Without A Warrant The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday will hear oral argument in Caniglia v. Strom, a case that could have sweeping consequences for policing, due process, and mental health, […]

Biden Loves Kids (In Cages) They Never Cared About Kids In Cages They Just Hated Trump THE PHOTOS BIDEN DOESN’T WANT YOU TO SEE Leaked images from inside his child detention center on the southern border. These plastic pens are meant to hold up to 260 children but are currently holding over 400. The children […]

Outrage as the National Guard Sleeping In Parking Garage While Illegals Stay In Hotels Newsmax Reporter Presses Psaki To ‘Square’ National Guard Sleeping In Parking Garage While Illegal Immigrants Get Hotel Rooms Outrage as the National Guard Sleeping In Parking Garage While Illegals Stay In Hotels Newsmax’s Emerald Robinson pushed White House press secretary Jen […]

They Never Cared About Kids In Cages They Just Hated Trump     Photos of crowded migrant holding center in Texas released by Democratic congressman The migrants, who are in clear pens akin to cages, are seen sleeping on pads on the floor with aluminum blankets. In some instances, it appears that dozens are sharing […]

Miami Beach spring breakers hit with an extended curfew after SWAT team forced to break up the rowdy crowd   Miami Beach officials on Sunday said the city would extend curfews and closures through April 12 after a SWAT team was called in Saturday night to break up a rowdy crowd of spring breakers that […]

BIDEN ADMIN GETS CAUGHT BLINKEN Top Biden administration officials met with their Chinese counterparts in Anchorage, Alaska on Friday to set the groundwork for how the two will work together over the next four years. But what was meant to be a warm introduction ended up as a bitter cold encounter. Trump is building his […]

A new bill targeting Section 230 that focuses on how platforms amplify content is being put together. CICILLINE TALKS ANTITRUST STRATEGY — House antitrust chief David Cicilline (D-R.I.) plans to introduce as many as 10 proposals targeting big tech that build off their blockbuster report on competition online, he told Axios on Sunday. Cicilline said […]

Has Iran been plotting to attack a D.C. military base? Intelligence points to Iranian threats to bomb Fort McNair in Washington, according to an explosive report. TARGET FORT MCNAIR? A particularly disturbing report on Sunday revealed that Iran’s paramilitary forces threatened to launch water-borne “USS Cole-style attacks” on Fort McNair along the Southwest D.C. waterfront, […]

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