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@TypsyGypsyDance @will_doran You are right it isn't

As a Gay person who also happens to be a Constitutional Conservative I would NEVER want someone to vote for me or any other person because of what they do or don't do sexually.

I don't vote for people because they are straight or gay, no one should.

@ilovemaps_ @will_doran @Ward4NC You mean you haven't learned a thing being under the rule of @JoeBiden ?
Notice how much things went to shit so quickly? Trump is not a racist, in fact the left have ruined that term because you use it like water.

@Workingman125 @will_doran All politics are based on Demographics
The @GOP embraces diversity
They already have so called "identity politics" note: men, women, youth, black, hispanics, etc all have groups in the Republican party. There is NEVER a problem until there is a Gay Republican group prove me wrong

@Sessoms4NC @will_doran I only suggested we debate, we are not running against each other. I am pretty sure once we cut through our left vs right talking points we might be able to work on human rights issues that we could agree on.

@will_doran We should change that stat but not with @clayaiken instead by @Boykin4Congress who just happens to be gay but other than proving a point or fighting for human rights doesn't make a big deal out of it. The @ncgop is a big tent that can welcome all. http://Boykin4NC.com

@will_doran If the citizens of District 7 would put their faith behind me I could break that glass ceiling. Big difference, @clayaiken would use his identity to say he should be elected. I ask people to look beyond that & towards the real issues that plauge the USA/NC http://Boykin4NC.com

The University of Arizona sent out an email notice and changed MLK’s quote to say “person” instead of “man” https://gorightnews.com/the-university-of-arizona-sent-out-an-email-notice-and-changed-mlks-quote-to-say-person-instead-of-man/

The University of Arizona sent out an email notice and changed MLK’s quote to say “person” instead of “man” https://gorightnews.com/the-university-of-arizona-sent-out-an-email-notice-and-changed-mlks-quote-to-say-person-instead-of-man/?utm_source=ReviveOldPost&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=ReviveOldPost

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