Ellis Island Immigration vs Joe Biden Immigration Contrasting Eras of Influx

Written by on February 28, 2024

Ellis Island Immigration vs Joe Biden Immigration Contrasting Eras of Influx

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Ellis Island Immigration vs Joe Biden Immigration Contrasting Eras of Influx


In the annals of American history, immigration has played a pivotal role in shaping the nation’s identity. Today, we draw a compelling juxtaposition between two eras – the period between 1892 and 1954, marked by the arrival of 12 million legal immigrants through Ellis Island, and the current landscape under the Biden administration, where a staggering 10 million illegal immigrants have crossed our borders in just three years. Join us as we navigate through these contrasting chapters, exploring the implications and consequences of immigration policies across different epochs.

Ellis Island Era: A Gateway to the American Dream

During the span of 62 years, Ellis Island stood as a symbol of hope for millions seeking a better life in the United States. Legal immigration, governed by a stringent process, welcomed individuals from diverse corners of the world. The immigration wave through Ellis Island became a testament to the American dream, with newcomers contributing to the nation’s growth and prosperity.

Joe Biden Immigration: Challenges and Controversies

Fast forward to the present, where the Biden administration grapples with a surge of illegal immigrants. In just three years, the influx has reached a staggering 10 million, posing challenges to border security and sparking debates on immigration policies. From criminal incidents to policy changes, the impact of this wave raises critical questions about the nation’s ability to manage and regulate immigration effectively.


Key Highlights:


– The Kremlin’s warning of inevitable conflict with NATO if troops are sent to fight in Ukraine adds a geopolitical dimension to global affairs.


– The FCC’s decision to require U.S. broadcasters to disclose employee demographics fuels debates on privacy and the role of government oversight.


– Mercedes-Benz’s shift away from its 2030 goal of manufacturing only electric vehicles signals changing dynamics in the automotive industry.


– Ronna McDaniel’s resignation as Chairwoman of the Republican National Committee marks a significant change in party leadership.


As we reflect on the tales of Ellis Island immigration and the current surge under the Biden administration, it becomes evident that immigration remains a complex and evolving narrative in American history. The Ellis Island era, characterized by legal processes and aspirations for a better life, stands in stark contrast to the challenges posed by the influx of illegal immigrants today. The stories of these two periods underscore the ongoing dialogue about immigration policies, border control, and the profound impact these issues have on the fabric of our nation. In the ongoing pursuit of a balanced and effective approach, Ellis Island and the Biden era serve as contrasting chapters, each leaving an indelible mark on the ever-evolving American story.



🗳️ Michigan primary election Going On

⏳ Partial government shutdown deadline: Friday

🇸🇪 Sweden approved to become 32nd member of NATO

💊 42% of U.S. adults know someone who died of a drug overdose


Sources: Politico, Axios, The National Pulse, RAND Corp.



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🆘 The Kremlin warned that if NATO sends troops to fight in Ukraine, conflict between Russia and the U.S.-led NATO military alliance would be inevitable.





🚸 An illegal alien from Venezuela has been arrested for raping a child in Virginia. Renzo Mendoza Montes illegally entered the U.S. last September through Joe Biden’s open border.






🤡 The Federal Communications Commission voted 3 to 2 to require U.S. broadcasters to record and publicly disclose the race, ethnicity, and sex of their employees.





❎ Donald Trump appealed the $454 million judgment that New York Judge Arthur Engoron handed him after his civil fraud trial.






🚙 Mercedes-Benz abandoned its 2030 goal of transitioning into manufacturing only electric vehicles.






👍 Ronna McDaniel has confirmed her resignation as Chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, effective March 8th.






🤰 Donald Trump says he “strongly support[s] the availability of IVF for couples who are trying to have a precious baby” after an Alabama Supreme Court ruling that would make the procedure nearly impossible in the state.






😮 The New York Times revealed the CIA established a significant role in Ukraine over a decade ago, training Ukrainian forces and supplying critical intelligence through 12 spy bases along the Russian border.






🛒 The Federal Trade Commission filed a lawsuit to block Kroger’s proposed $24.6 billion acquisition of supermarket rival Albertsons.






🏛️ The Supreme Court appeared divided as it heard oral arguments over two state laws in Texas and Florida, which would prohibit social media platforms from censoring Republican rhetoric.






📨 Donald Trump Jr. was sent a letter containing white powder and a death threat.






💩 At least sixteen universities are promoting the book “How to Blow Up A Pipeline,” which outlines for readers how to commit eco-terrorism — oftentimes making it required reading.






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🎥 She makes a good point. We are free-range humans on a tax farm.




🎥 A U.S. servicemember died after setting himself on fire in front of the Israeli Embassy in D.C. while screaming “Free Palestine.” [Warning: Graphic]




🎥 Here’s every angle of a transgender person shooting up Lakewood Church earlier this month. Watch. [Warning: Graphic]





🎥 Dr. Phil OWNS the hags on The View.





🎥 This is how members of Congress become millionaires.





🎥 I honestly don’t know what to make of this. It could be Russian propaganda. But you make your own judgment. Russian intelligence allegedly caught this man trying to assassinate Tucker Carlson.





🎥 VA Lt. Governor Winsome Sears TRIGGERS a trans senator by calling him “sir.”





🎥 Can we get a welfare check for MSNBC nutjob Joy Reid?





🎥 LOL This was a great Mike Lindell impression.





🎥 Journalist Lara Logan addresses the Senate and EXPOSES how American tax dollars go to fund NGOs that silence free speech.





🎥 Farmers in Brussels drive through police barricades with their tractors.









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