TRUMP LOVES WINNING the Unveiling the $399 Never Surrender Sneakers and Latest Headlines

Written by on February 28, 2024

TRUMP LOVES WINNING the Unveiling the $399 “Never Surrender” Sneakers and Latest Headlines

Shared By Peter Boykin – American Political Commentator / Citizen Journalist / Political Candidate


TRUMP LOVES WINNING the Unveiling the $399 “Never Surrender” Sneakers and Latest Headlines

In the whirlwind of news stories that shaped the past week, one remarkable headline stands out – the launch and subsequent sellout of the $399 Trump “Never Surrender” sneakers. As we delve into this fascinating piece of merchandise, we’ll also explore other noteworthy events, from a significant legal judgment against Donald Trump to groundbreaking achievements in space exploration. Join us as we navigate through a diverse range of topics that have captured the attention of the nation.


TRUMP LOVES WINNING: The Buzz Behind the $399 “Never Surrender” Sneakers


Recently, the release of the exclusive Trump “Never Surrender” sneakers created waves, selling out within hours of hitting the market. Priced at $399, these sneakers not only showcase a unique blend of style and symbolism but also reflect the enduring popularity of the former president. While 89% of media coverage on Trump remains negative, it’s evident that his brand still commands attention and loyalty.


Key Highlights:

– The legal landscape saw a significant development as Judge Arthur Engoron imposed a staggering $370 million fine, including interest, against Donald Trump for alleged fraud under a New York statute. Trump vows to appeal this decision, setting the stage for a legal battle.


– CBS News stirred controversy by firing reporter Catherine Herridge, who had been investigating the Biden family. The network faces accusations of seizing her personal notes, a move deemed “very unusual” by her union.


– In a historic moment for space exploration, a private U.S. company successfully landed a spacecraft near the moon’s south pole, marking the first American touchdown in over 50 years and the first-ever by the private sector.


As we wrap up our journey through the week’s headlines, it’s clear that the news landscape is as dynamic as ever. From legal battles to space exploration milestones, and even unexpected connections to historical figures, each story adds a layer to the unfolding narrative of our world. The Trump “Never Surrender” sneakers, amidst it all, serve as a symbol of resilience and enduring public interest. In the face of diverse challenges and triumphs, one thing remains constant – the unyielding spirit of news and the ever-evolving stories that shape our reality. TRUMP LOVES WINNING, and the headlines reflect a tapestry of events that continue to capture our collective attention.



📺 89% of media coverage of Trump is negative

🎓 52% of college grads work jobs outside their degree

📚 56% of Americans say a 4-year-degree isn’t worth the price

💰 Joe Biden’s campaign raised $42 million in January

📊 GOP primary average: 77.1% Trump, 15.3% Haley


Sources: Washington Examiner, WSJ, CBS News, Politico, RCP



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👿 This past week Judge Arthur Engoron of New York State Supreme Court, the lowest level of courts of general jurisdiction, levied a mammoth fine of some $370 million, including interest, against Donald Trump for purported fraud under a New York statute. He will appeal.




🤔 CBS News fired reporter Catherine Herridge, who investigated the Biden family, and the network is accused of seizing her personal notes in a move her union calls ‘very unusual.’




🚀 A spacecraft built and flown by a private U.S. company landed near the moon’s south pole, the first American touchdown in more than 50 years and the first ever by the private sector.




😮 Joe Biden’s great-great-grandfather was pardoned by Abraham Lincoln after he drunkenly stabbed a fellow soldier.




🤡 A transgender killer smirked at his victim’s relatives and refused to apologize because his gender identity made him ‘vulnerable’, as she was sentenced to 22 years behind bars.




🏃 Exercise is twice as effective at treating depression as antidepressants, a study has suggested, with walking or jogging 2-3 times per week considered best.




👍 Texas will install a military base in the border city of Eagle Pass to curb the flow of illegal aliens allowed in by the Biden regime.




🤖 The first human patient implanted with a brain chip from Elon Musk’s Neuralink is able to control a computer mouse using their thoughts.




🪐 NASA is looking for four volunteers to spend an entire year living in a simulated version of Mars.




🗓️🔫 Remington gun factory will shutter its New York factory and move to Georgia after more than 200 years due to the Empire State’s unfriendly Second Amendment environment.




🤠 Beyonce became the first black woman to reach number 1 on the Billboard ‘Hot Country Songs’ chart for her song ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’.




📈 Americans spend a higher percentage of their income on groceries than any time over the past 30 years.




📱 AT&T claimed the hourslong outage to its U.S. cellphone network last Thursday was the result of a technical error, not a malicious attack.




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🎥 Elon Musk’s Neuralink shows a monkey using its brain to control a video game.



🎥 Donald Trump and Argentina’s president Javier Milei met in person over the weekend.


🎥 Former MVP quarterback Cam Newton is attacked by three men and handles them easily.



🎥 Hillary and Chelsea Clinton singing in a car is the last thing Americans asked for.



🎥 OUCH… Fox News’ Harris Faulkner gives Nikki Haley a harsh reality check.



🎥 Joe Rogan and Kid Rock lay out the fake news media’s corruption.



🎥 Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary says he’s boycotting “loser state” New York over Trump ruling.



🎥 Italian TV mocking our mentally impaired president.



🎥 Orca whales are cold-blooded hunters.






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