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42 out of 50 Republican Senators wrote a letter to Joe Biden, calling on him to work with Poland to send Soviet-era MiG-29 jets to Ukraine to aid its defense against Russia.

The letter calls on Biden to ” expedite the transfer of urgently-needed airpower.”

Senator Mitt Romney told the press: “Send these MiGs… Enough talk.”

Senator Lindsay Graham tweeted: “I’m beyond dumbfounded the Biden Administration is opposing the transfer of Polish MiGs to Ukrainian pilots so they can defend their homeland.”

The 8 GOP Senators who didn’t sign the letter are Jim Inhofe, Bill Hagerty, Jerry Moran, Rand Paul, Mike Rounds, Mike Lee, Cynthia Lummis, and Roy Blunt.


Russia has indicated that they’d see the supplying of fighter jets as an act of war by the nation that supplies them. So taking this step would likely mean war between the U.S. and Russia.

What is a MiG-29? It’s a Soviet-era fighter jet, originally designed in the 1970s to counter U.S. fighters like the F-15 and F-16. When the Soviet Union collapsed, Poland inherited some of them.

Back up: The U.S. and Poland had been discussing a plan where Poland would send their Soviet-era MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine, and the U.S. would reimburse Poland with newer fighter jets.

But this fell apart because Poland didn’t want to deploy the MiGs directly from Poland and risk Russia taking that as an excuse to attack them.

Instead, Poland wanted to transfer the MiGs to a U.S. base in Germany. This way the deployment would come from the U.S.

The Biden regime rejected this proposal, saying the move would be “high risk, low reward”

Why sending MiGs is a bad move: NBC News reports that: “U.S. military and intelligence officials have also determined that more jets are unlikely to significantly change the effectiveness of the Ukrainian air force, and experts outside the government have noted that Ukraine hasn’t deployed many of the MiGs it already owns. That has made them wonder whether the country has the complex infrastructure needed to support the aircraft.”

I’m against U.S. military intervention in Ukraine. But if we are going to poke the Russian bear, it should be with decisive action – not a move like this, that will not affect the outcome of the conflict.

[Source: NBC News, Waking up Right]

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