Breakthrough Discovery as Scientists Unveil Powerful Cancer Cell Destruction Method

Written by on December 27, 2023

Breakthrough Discovery as Scientists Unveil Powerful Cancer Cell Destruction Method

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Scientists Destroy 99% of Cancer Cells in The Lab Using Vibrating Molecules

Scientists Destroy 99% of Cancer Cells in The Lab Using Vibrating Molecules

Breakthrough Discovery as Scientists Unveil Powerful Cancer Cell Destruction Method

Scientists at Rice University have unveiled a groundbreaking method to obliterate cancer cells in the lab, marking a significant stride in the fight against this devastating disease.

Researchers at Rice University have harnessed the power of aminocyanine molecules, commonly used in bioimaging as synthetic dyes. By stimulating these molecules with near-infrared light, they induced synchronized vibrations that proved potent enough to dismantle the membranes of cancer cells.

Chemist James Tour, a leading figure at Rice University, describes this breakthrough as a “whole new generation of molecular machines” aptly named “molecular jackhammers.” Unlike their predecessors, these molecular jackhammers operate at incredible speeds, over a million times faster, and can be activated with near-infrared light instead of visible light.

The utilization of near-infrared light is pivotal, enabling scientists to penetrate deeper into the body. This innovation raises the prospect of treating cancer in bones and organs without resorting to invasive surgeries.

In laboratory tests on cultured cancer cells, the molecular jackhammer approach demonstrated an impressive 99 percent success rate in destroying the cells. The researchers also conducted trials on mice with melanoma tumors, resulting in half of the animals achieving a cancer-free status.

The unique structure and chemical properties of aminocyanine molecules allow them to synchronize with specific stimuli, such as near-infrared light. When set in motion, the electrons within these molecules form plasmons – collective vibrating entities that drive movement throughout the entire molecule.

Chemist Ciceron Ayala-Orozco, another key contributor to the research, highlights the significance of this discovery, emphasizing that it is the first time a molecular plasmon has been employed to excite the entire molecule and generate mechanical action to achieve a targeted goal, specifically tearing apart cancer cell membranes.

The plasmons, equipped with an arm on one side, facilitate the connection of molecules to cancer cell membranes, enabling the vibrations to disrupt and dismantle them. While this research is in its early stages, the initial findings are immensely promising.

Moreover, this biomechanical technique presents a formidable challenge for cancer cells, making it difficult for them to evolve defensive mechanisms. The researchers are already exploring other types of molecules that could be harnessed similarly in this groundbreaking approach.

In a paper published in Nature Chemistry, scientists have opened new avenues for cancer treatment, emphasizing a different, mechanical approach at the molecular scale. This breakthrough could reshape the landscape of cancer therapy, offering hope for millions affected by the disease.






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