Joe Bidens Book Burning as the Amazons Alleged Censorship Scandal Exposed

Written by on February 7, 2024

Joe Biden’s Book Burning as the Amazon’s Alleged Censorship Scandal Exposed

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Biden pressed Amazon to burn books

Biden pressed Amazon to burn books


Joe Biden’s Book Burning as the Amazon’s Alleged Censorship Scandal Exposed


The Biden administration is under fire for allegedly pressuring Amazon to censor books critical of COVID-19 vaccines, sparking outrage and concerns about government overreach into free speech.


The Revelation:

Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Jim Jordan, unveiled a trove of emails dubbed “THE AMAZON FILES,” shedding light on a series of communications between the White House and Amazon executives spanning from March 2 to March 12, 2021.


The Exchange:

In the initial contact, Andy Slavitt, Biden’s senior COVID-19 response advisor, expressed dismay over Amazon’s inclusion of what he termed “propaganda and misinformation” in search results related to vaccines. He urged Amazon to take action to suppress dissenting viewpoints.


Resistance and Manipulation:

Despite Amazon’s initial reluctance to engage in censorship, citing concerns about public backlash, the pressure from the Biden administration intensified. Slavitt’s suggestion to emulate Facebook and Twitter’s content tagging system raised eyebrows, indicating a desire to control the narrative surrounding vaccines.


The Meeting:

A pivotal meeting between Amazon and White House officials on March 9 raised questions about the nature of the administration’s demands. While details remain undisclosed, subsequent emails hinted at discussions centered on altering search results and book promotion.


Amazon’s Compliance:

Coinciding with the meeting, Amazon swiftly implemented measures to restrict the visibility of so-called “anti-vax” literature, marking them as “Do Not Promote.” This move aligns with the administration’s purported agenda to stifle dissenting voices and promote a singular narrative on vaccine efficacy.


The Fallout:

Critics argue that the Biden administration’s actions amount to book burning and infringe upon Americans’ constitutional rights to free speech and access to information. Concerns mount over the erosion of independent thought and the influence of government coercion on private entities like Amazon.


As the controversy unfolds, calls for transparency and accountability grow louder, emphasizing the need to safeguard democratic principles in the face of increasing censorship and ideological manipulation.


The last word goes to @LibsOfTikTok on X, who wrote: “The left accuses us of “banning books” because we don’t want p*rn in schools. Turns out the real book banners are the Democrats.”


[Source: Jim Jordan on X, NY Post]







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