Majority of Americans Support Trumps Immigration Enforcement Plan

Written by on March 1, 2024


Majority of Americans Support Trump’s Immigration Enforcement Plan

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Majority of Americans Support Trump’s Immigration Enforcement Plan


In a bold move, Donald Trump has unveiled a comprehensive strategy for mass deportations, aiming to reverse the perceived damages caused by Joe Biden’s immigration policies. Despite being labeled with typical left-wing terms like “racist” and “xenophobic,” Trump’s plan finds resonance among Americans, as revealed by a recent poll indicating significant support for enforcing immigration laws.

A recent Washington Post poll showcases that a majority of 56% of Americans believe it’s necessary to employ soldiers for the enforcement of immigration laws. Notably, even 32% of Biden voters are in favor of this proposal, challenging the narrative propagated by certain sections of the media.

The surge in public support for Trump’s immigration enforcement plan sends a strong message amid ongoing debates over government funding and immigration policies. The call for securing the border has gained unprecedented backing, urging policymakers to take heed of the sentiments of the American people.


🆘 275 illegal alien sex predators were arrested by ICE in February

📈 Home prices increased 5.5% to an all-time high in December

🌸 D.C. cherry blossoms will reach peak bloom on March 21

🔎 63% of sources shown by Google News are left-wing, just 6% are right-wing

Sources: Daily Wire, NY Post, Washington Post, All Sides


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🏛️ The US Supreme Court confirmed that it will consider whether Donald Trump has presidential immunity from prosecution over election interference charges. In the meantime, it put on hold the criminal case presented by special counsel Jack Smith. Major win for Trump. It could potentially delay the case past the 2024 election. Or it could overturn the case altogether.


🤡 An Illinois judge removed Donald Trump from the state’s 2024 GOP presidential primary ballot, making it the third state to take the dangerously partisan action.


🧠 Joe Biden underwent his annual physical at Walter Reed Medical Center but refused to take a cognitive test.


✅ A California judge dismissed charges against two right-wingers, citing “selective prosecution” for not charging far-left ANTIFA counterparts who acted similarly.


🔫 The Louisiana House passed constitutional carry legislation. The bill now goes to Gov. Jeff Landry’s desk to be signed.


👍 The Teamsters Union reported its first major donation to Republicans in two decades after meeting with former President Trump last month.


🇲🇩 Officials in Transnistria, a breakaway region of Moldova backed by Russia, appealed to Moscow for protection as tensions escalate with the pro-Western Moldovan government.


🍩 New research reveals strong links between the consumption of ultra-processed foods and an increased risk of Type 2 diabetes.


💰 Donald Trump’s request to delay payment of his $464 million civil fine was denied by an appeals judge. Trump wanted to delay payment until his appeal of the fine was concluded.




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🎥 Meta’s new AI chatbot omits Donald Trump on its list of Presidents.




🎥 Citizens explode on pro-open border mayor calls for giving “DIGNITY” after an illegal killed a young woman in his town.





🎥 Meanwhile, the  Mayor of New York City wants to modify his city’s sanctuary laws as he’s overwhelmed by illegals committing crimes.



🎥 Kevin Costner’s new Western film reflects on the courage of frontier settlers.



🎥 Rep. Nancy Mace gives an update on Hunter Biden’s closed-door testimony.



🎥 This is an incredible political/gun rights ad.



🎥 Black former Democrat makes the case for getting off the “donkey” and riding a “big ol’ African elephant.”



🎥 Black teenage boy beaten and stabbed by gang suspected to be illegal aliens.



🎥 James O’Keefe goes undercover to secretly record the judge who ruled against Trump in New York. Gymgoers say he’s a “creep.”



🎥 I haven’t watched Fox & Friends in years – is Doocy always this much of a tool?



🎥 Incredible footage captures horses escaping the Texas wildfires.



🎥 Biden says he plans to ban assault weapons.








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