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On May 22 the World Health Organization (WHO) is holding its annual World Health Assembly where every nation in the world is invited [except Taiwan]. And the main agenda item is: signing the International Pandemic Treaty.

Why this matters: This treaty, if signed, gives the WHO power to supersede our national sovereignty and subvert the U.S. Constitution, by allowing them to intervene in any nation in the event of a future health crisis. And Joe Biden introduced amendments to the treaty to give the WHO even more power than they were asking for.

Back up: Remember that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) controls the WHO. This is why Trump withdrew U.S. funding in July of 2020 [which Biden reversed].

In January 2020, the WHO spread the CCP lies that the virus was contained and non-contagious, while China was allowing its citizens to fly across the globe and spread it.

You can read my April 2020 article ‘Who controls the W.H.O’ for more details on the WHO/CCP ties.

How would this treaty work? It would give the WHO legal authority to force countries to, for example, implement lockdowns rather than allowing each country to decide for itself. So a CCP-controlled WHO might decide that New York needs to lock down its entire population, just like Shanghai locked down its 26 million citizens last a few weeks ago.

Biden made things worse [as he often does], by sending 13 amendments to the treaty back in January, that would give the WHO even more power than it asked for. Most worrisome is an amendment that would give the authority to declare an “international health emergency.”

As we talked about last week when the U.S. government uses the broad term “health”, it’s so they can lump in [mental, environmental, emotional, etc] health.

You could imagine a scenario where the WHO declares an “international health emergency” over climate change, and forces every nation to take action.

Here’s the kicker: If this treaty is signed, it would go into effect in six months… What happens in six months? The midterm elections. So it’s timed perfectly so that even if we take control of Congress in November, it will be too late.

Rep. Thomas Massie seems to be the one member of Congress that’s concerned with this treaty. He tweeted over the weekend:

“Treaties don’t override our Constitution. If a treaty purports to supersede our Constitution, that treaty is unenforceable. It’s seditious to promote the idea that a President and 67 Senators have license to void the Constitution or any of our laws.”

This isn’t just a threat to U.S. sovereignty. It’s a threat to the sovereignty of all 194 nations that would be beholden to it.

I encourage you all to take action. This is a useful tool to help you send an email to your representative.


[Source: Daily Clout, The Telegraph]

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