The Changing Landscape 2023 in Review and Looking Ahead to 2024

Written by on December 28, 2023

The Changing Landscape 2023 in Review and Looking Ahead to 2024

Shared By Peter Boykin – American Political Commentator / Citizen Journalist / Political Candidate

The Changing Landscape 2023 in Review and Looking Ahead to 2024

As we stand on the cusp of 2024, it’s hard not to reflect on the transformation the world has undergone since the close of 2019, a time when the economy was flourishing, and global peace seemed more attainable. The turn from 2019 to 2020 brought about an unforeseen cascade of events—Covid-19, lockdowns, George Floyd riots, and the widespread adoption of mass vote-by-mail. These developments prompt contemplation on the trajectory of our society.

🚸 **Border Encounters and Terrorism Alerts: A Troubling Scenario**
The past months have seen over 730,000 encounters with illegal immigrants at the U.S. border, alongside a disconcerting revelation that 17 individuals on the FBI terror watchlist were apprehended at the border in November. These statistics underscore the complex challenges faced by border security agencies.

🇬🇧 **London’s Knife Crime Epidemic**
In a stark comparison with New York City, London is grappling with an alarming rate of 43 knife crimes per day. The contrast raises questions about crime management strategies and community safety in major metropolitan areas.

📉 **Shifting Educational Landscapes**
A concerning trend emerges as data indicates a million fewer males attending college compared to a decade ago. This raises questions about access to education, societal priorities, and potential consequences for the workforce.

💰 **IRS Records Record Collection Amid Economic Uncertainty**
Despite the challenges of recent years, the IRS collected a record-high $4.9 trillion from Americans in Fiscal Year 2023. This financial feat adds a layer of complexity to discussions about economic recovery and government revenue streams.

**Red vs. Blue States: Migration Patterns and Population Shifts**
New data from the Census Bureau sheds light on the shifting demographics across states. Notably, blue states like New York and California have experienced population declines, while red states like Texas and Florida have witnessed population surges. The driving factors behind this migration include high taxes, stringent business regulations, and elevated living costs in blue states. The resulting impact on tax revenues poses challenges for maintaining extensive welfare programs.

The broader consequences of these migration trends may unfold in the 2030 reapportionment, potentially leading to the loss of 12 House seats for blue states in favor of red states.

**Noteworthy Updates from Around the Globe:**

⭐️ **Melania Trump’s Expanding Role**
Reports suggest that Melania Trump will play a more prominent role in her husband’s 2024 re-election campaign, focusing on top-tier diplomatic appearances.

✡️ **Kanye West’s Apology in Hebrew**
Renowned rapper Kanye West issued a public apology in Hebrew to the Jewish community, addressing past antisemitic remarks.

🇨🇳 **China’s Advanced Cruise Missile Technology**
China claims to have developed technology that disguises its cruise missiles as ordinary passenger planes on enemy radar screens, raising concerns about military tactics.

🩸 **FDA Approves Innovative Procedure for Hypertension**
The FDA’s recent approval of a procedure targeting nerves near the kidneys offers a new approach for people with treatment-resistant hypertension.

🛫 **Ron DeSantis’s Campaign Expenditure**
Ron DeSantis’s campaign has reportedly invested significantly more in private jets for the Florida Governor than in television ads.

🤖 **Tesla Engineer Attacked by Robot**
A Tesla engineer faced a brutal and bloody malfunction involving a robot at the Giga Texas factory, highlighting the risks of automation in the workplace.

🇨🇦 **Canadian Parliament’s Progressive Policy**
Tampons and sanitary napkins are now available in men’s bathrooms at the Canadian Parliament, following a new policy from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

🤡 **NY Times Op-Ed Controversy**
The New York Times faces backlash for publishing an op-ed by the Hamas-backed mayor of Gaza City, sparking debates on media responsibility.

✈️ **Alarming Near-Crashes in U.S. Airports**
Shocking statistics reveal 19 separate occasions in the first ten months of 2023 where planes nearly crashed into each other at U.S. airports, emphasizing the need for enhanced safety measures.

As we step into 2024, the events of the past year serve as a backdrop to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. The complexities of border security, population shifts, global advancements, and societal changes set the stage for a year that promises to be both dynamic and transformative.








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