Trump Prevails Against Partisan NY AG in Civil Fraud Case

Written by on April 23, 2024


Trump Prevails Against Partisan NY AG in Civil Fraud Case

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Trump scores win over corrupt NY AG

Trump scores win over corrupt NY AG


Trump Prevails Against Partisan NY AG in Civil Fraud Case

In a significant legal showdown, former President Donald Trump emerged victorious over New York Attorney General Letitia James in a court battle concerning the authenticity of a $175 million bond posted in a civil fraud case.

Trump’s Triumph: Prevails in Court Fight Over $175M Bond Against Letitia James

The dispute arose after James questioned the capability of the surety company backing Trump’s $175 million bond, casting doubt on its ability to fulfill its obligation. However, the presiding judge rejected James’ challenge, upholding the validity of the bond.

This legal skirmish stems from a civil fraud case where Trump faced a judgment of $464 million. To forestall James from seizing assets, Trump posted the substantial $175 million bond on April 1, following an appeals court ruling permitting him to do so while his appeal is pending. The appeal proceedings are scheduled for September.

The bond, underwritten by Knight Specialty Insurance Company, ensured that Trump could proceed with his appeal without facing immediate financial repercussions. Trump paid a fee to the insurance company and provided cash collateral to secure their coverage.

In a separate development earlier this year, Judge Arthur Engoron imposed hefty fines on Trump and the Trump Organization, totaling over $350 million, and imposed a three-year ban on Trump from holding office or director positions in New York corporations.

James’ pursuit to hold Trump accountable for a $464 million fine and impose a lifetime ban on his involvement in New York’s real estate industry underscores the politically charged nature of the case.

As the legal battle continues under the case title “New York v. Trump” in the New York Supreme Court for New York County, Trump’s victory in preserving the bond marks a significant triumph in his ongoing legal saga.

[Source: Breitbart]

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Amidst the looming specter of the 2024 election, a recent Gallup poll sheds light on the pressing concerns at the forefront of American minds. In a stark revelation, just 2% of respondents identified ‘climate change’ as their top priority, marking it dead last on the list.

So, what issues are capturing the attention of the American populace? Immigration takes the lead, with a significant 28% of respondents prioritizing it. Close behind, concerns about our nation’s leadership garner 19% of the spotlight, followed by the economy at 14%, and inflation at 11%.

This poll underscores a stark reality: while climate change may dominate headlines and political discourse, it remains a low priority for the majority of Americans. Instead, it is the tangible, immediate challenges of immigration, leadership, economic stability, and inflation that weigh heaviest on their minds as they contemplate the future of our Constitutional Republic.

[Source: Breitbart]



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Sources: Axios, EIA, FT, RMG Research


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via Charlie Kirk on X

via Charlie Kirk on X


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