Trumps Manhattan Trial Showcases Americans Disinterest Reveals Deep Political Schism

Written by on May 6, 2024

Trump’s Manhattan Trial Showcases Americans’ Disinterest Reveals Deep Political Schism

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Americans don't care about Trump trials

Americans don’t care about Trump trials


Trump’s Manhattan Trial Showcases Americans’ Disinterest Reveals Deep Political Schism

Americans don’t care about Trump trials

Donald Trump’s ongoing trial in Manhattan over alleged non-disclosure agreement violations has entered its second week, yet it appears that the American public remains largely indifferent to the proceedings.

Trump, the former President, faces charges related to the alleged falsification of business records concerning payments made to adult film actress Stormy Daniels. Critics of the trial decry it as another episode in what they perceive as a politically motivated witch hunt against Trump.

The trial, however, seems to have failed to significantly sway public opinion. A recent CNN poll indicates that approximately 33% of Americans believe Trump has committed a crime, a figure largely consistent with previous polling. This suggests that those who oppose Trump have already made up their minds, and the trial itself has done little to alter their perceptions.

Public sentiment regarding the fairness of the trial is divided. A Rasmussen poll reveals that 51% of respondents feel it is unlikely that Trump will receive a fair trial in New York, while 42% believe he will be judged impartially.

Despite the relative apathy towards the trial, there are potential political ramifications at play. According to a poll by Leger, Trump currently holds a narrow lead over Biden, with 46% support compared to Biden’s 45%. However, if Trump were to be convicted and imprisoned, his support drops to 37%. Yet, proponents of Trump argue that the focus on such hypothetical scenarios distracts from more pressing issues facing the nation.

The Democrats, on the other hand, had strategized to leverage Trump’s legal battles to undermine the Republican nominee in the anticipated 2024 rematch with Joe Biden. However, the lack of widespread public interest in the trial may pose challenges to their intended narrative.

In the broader context, the muted response to Trump’s trial underscores the deep political divisions within the United States. While some view the trial as a crucial step towards accountability, others perceive it as a continuation of partisan vendettas. As the trial unfolds, it remains to be seen whether it will have any meaningful impact on the political landscape or merely serve as another footnote in the ongoing saga of American politics.

[Source: CNN Poll, Leger Poll]


Left-wing media has been trying to scandalize claims that Donald Trump has been falling asleep in court. Trump finally addressed those claims in the most Trumpian way possible, writing on Truth Social:


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Sources: RCP, Fox News, YouGov, Newsweek, RCP, NBC News, AP, Barrons, Rasmussen

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✅ Donald Trump is calling for the arrest of Special Counsel Jack Smith for evidence tampering after the DOJ’s legal team admitted in court they had re-arranged evidence from their classified documents raid on Mar-a-Lago.


🎥 Manhattan DA attorney REFUSES to deny breaking the law while investigating Trump. Video at bottom.

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