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We’re 48 hours (at time of this article) removed from the unprecedented leak of the Supreme Court draft opinion to overturn Roe v. Wade. And it’s clear to anyone with eyes and ears that the motivation for the leak was to rile up support for Democrats in the midterm elections. There’s just one problem… It’s barely registering.


First, let’s observe the Dems: Joe Biden yesterday suggested that Republicans want to make it so “children who are LGBTQ can’t be in classrooms with other children.”

Democrats’ message is going to be that Republicans want to restrict rights for women, gays, and minorities.

…even though Roe v. Wade has nothing to do with it.

Thankfully Americans are smarter than that. And privately, Democrats are skeptical that Roe v. Wade is going to drive turnout in November. According to Politico:

The day after Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died, Democrats hauled in:

$30 million in donations.

The day after this leak, Democrat donors gave just:

$9 million.

Politico called these numbers “an early sign that Democrats can’t count on abortion to single-handedly turn around a midterm cycle that’s already trending badly for them.”


Zoom out: Let’s take the temperature of the American people. A recent poll conducted by Politico found that just 8% of Americans consider “Women’s Issues – like birth control, abortion, and equal pay” their top voting priority.

Economic issues (41%), Security issues (16%), Healthcare issues (9%), and Senior issues (10%) all registered higher.

How Americans feel about abortion: I will admit that polls usually show a majority of Americans oppose Roe v. Wade being overturned because they think it would make abortion illegal. But when you ask more detailed questions, the pendulum shifts. For example:

71% of Americans believe there should be significant limits on abortions [Marist poll]

77% of Americans support banning infanticide, which allows babies who survive abortion to be killed [Susan B. Anthony list]

80% of Americans believe abortion should be illegal in the 3rd trimester [AP]

So while Democrats will try their best to make this the focus of the midterm elections, it looks like they’re fighting an uphill battle. Because the truth is that the American people are overwhelmingly better humans than the godless, creeps that work in Washington D.C.


[Source: Politico + sources cited in article, Meme by GrandOldMemes, Wake Up Right]

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