Alarming Research Indicate Nanoplastics Infest Bottled Water with Raise Concerns over Health Risks

Written by on January 17, 2024

Alarming Research Indicate Nanoplastics Infest Bottled Water with Raise Concerns over Health Risks

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Nanoplastics in water bottles

Nanoplastics in water bottles


Alarming Research Indicate Nanoplastics Infest Bottled Water with Raise Concerns over Health Risks

Startling findings from new research conducted by Columbia University reveal that individuals inadvertently consume hundreds of thousands of minuscule plastic particles every time they consume a liter of bottled water.

Research Details:

Columbia University’s research detected a staggering 240,000 particles, predominantly nanoplastics, in the average liter of bottled water. Nanoplastics, microscopic fragments measuring less than a micrometer, emerge from the breakdown of larger plastic materials.

Decoding Nanoplastics vs. Microplastics:

Nanoplastics, unlike slightly larger microplastics (ranging from a micrometer to 0.5 centimeters), pose a unique threat due to their minute size. A 2018 study revealed an average water bottle containing 325 pieces of microplastics. Nanoplastics, being smaller, may infiltrate a person’s blood, liver, and brain, raising concerns among scientists.

Potential Risks:

While the extent of risks associated with nanoplastics remains uncertain due to limited research, scientists express apprehension about their ability to penetrate vital organs. Wei Min, a chemistry professor at Columbia and one of the study’s authors, warns that nanoplastics could be more hazardous to human health than their larger counterparts.

Industry Response – ‘Big Water’ Reaction:

Jill Colura, spokeswoman for the International Bottled Water Association, dismisses media reports, claiming they “do nothing more than unnecessarily scare consumers.” The bottled water industry, often referred to colloquially as ‘Big Water,’ downplays concerns despite the emerging evidence.

Research Gaps and Uncharted Health Impacts:

While acknowledging the scarcity of research on the health effects of nanoplastics and microplastics, the implications of these minute particles coursing through the bloodstream and brain raise unsettling questions. Millions of undetected particles pose potential health risks, creating an urgent need for further investigation.

The revelations from Columbia University’s research highlight a concerning reality in the ubiquitous consumption of bottled water, bringing attention to potential health hazards associated with nanoplastics.

[Source: Washington Post]







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