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When asked, American investors overwhelmingly reject companies who engage in woke ESG practices and instead want the companies they invest in to focus on profits.

What is ESG: It stands for Environment Social Governance. It’s basically a social credit score for businesses that rates how “responsible” they are in the three categories above.

The problem is that all the “correct” ESG positions are almost always left-wing

For example, a company’s ESG score will be higher if they push green energy or LGBTQ issues

The numbers: A poll conducted by DailyWire/Echelon Insights polled over 1,000 investors and asked what they thought of companies leveraging their financial power to push political or social goals:

58% were against it

29% were for it

More data: The poll also asked investors if they believed the biggest asset managers [like BlackRock and Vanguard] are pushing ‘more liberal positions’ than conservative positions:

50% agreed

21% said it was neutral

Here’s the big problem with ESG: If I’m an investor BP, I’m lending them my hard-earned money. And they have a responsibility to me, to deliver the best return on my investment. But if BP is focusing on ESG and building unprofitable wind farms instead of drilling for oil, then they are hurting my investment.

It’s even worse if your 401k is managed by a company like BlackRock [who I mentioned above]. Because as they prioritize wokeness over profits, you end up with less money in your retirement savings.

…and up until lately, these companies have been banking on you not noticing.

Here’s what you can do: If you have a managed portfolio, call your PM and ask them about their ESG policy. If you have a 401k, call the institution that manages it and ask them about their ESG policy. Them simply being aware that you’re aware, will have more of an impact than you can imagine.

[Source: Daily Wire, it Wake Up Right]


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