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Joe Biden is going to ask Congress to suspend the federal gas tax for the next three months, in an attempt to bring down gas prices, which he’s driven to all-time highs.

I’m all for getting rid of taxes. But as Barack Obama said in 2008, this is just a “gimmick” that will ultimately save you 18 cents/gallon, which on average is about $2.50 per fill-up… 🙄

If Joe Biden really wants to fix gas prices, he needs to go back to Trump’s energy policies: remove bureaucratic barriers to drilling, issue new leases on federal land, and stop threatening to “shut down” the oil and gas industry.


🎥 Joe Biden: “There’s going to be another pandemic.”

Biden: We Need More Money for ‘the Second Pandemic’


“We don’t just need more money for vaccines for Children. Eventually, we need more money to plan for the second pandemic. There’s going to be another pandemic. We have to think ahead.”


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🎥 The Biden administration is allowing millions of illegals to cross our border every year. But boasts about catching 36 Cuban refugees escaping the communist regime on a raft, and sending them back to Cuba.


Biden’s Coast Guard boasts about sending Cuban refugees back to Cuba…


🎥 Unhinged. Watch a pro-abortion activist threaten to beat up pro-lifers outside the Supreme Court. [warning, language]

Pro Abortion Activist: I’ll Die In A Back Alley Just To Get An Abortion



“You will not take my right away! I will always get an abortion! I’ll go in a back alley and will fucking die!


🎥 This is the most Florida video you’re going to see this week.



🎥 HILARIOUS: Trump makes a promise to the American people about bicycles.


TRUMP: “I make this pledge to you today: I will never, ever ride a bicycle.”






🎥 Nancy Pelosi refuses to condemn the attacks against dozens of pro-life clinics, which include vandalism and arson.


Hannity: Is it hard to condemn the rhetoric?





Sean Hannity slams House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, President Biden and Democrats for failing to condemn bad behavior from the political left on ‘Hannity.’




🎥 126 passengers had to emergency evacuate an airplane that caught fire at Miami airport.




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