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When Joe Biden speaks, even his political allies roll their eyes…


Joe Biden addressed wildly out-of-control gas prices during a speech, outlining his proposals to bring them down. Unfortunately for him, even his political allies quickly contradicted him…


Joe Biden’s big proposal was to eliminate the federal gas tax for three months, which would reduce gas prices by 18 centers per gallon and save you $2.50 on your next $100 fill-up…🙄

Biden’s allies in the media and in Congress were quick to dismiss his plan:

CNN said: “This does nothing to fix supply. It actually supports demand at a time when demand can’t keep up with supply… This could be inflationary.”

Democrat Senator Tom Carper, from Biden’s home-state of Deleware, said the idea was a “shortsighted and inefficient way to provide relief.”

Democrat Senator Joe Manchin suggested he would not vote to remove the gas tax.

Joe Biden blamed Putin [once again] for the rise in gas prices. “Let’s remember how we got here. Putin invaded Ukraine.”

But shortly before Biden spoke, his own Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell was testifying before Congress and was asked if the war in Ukraine was the primary driver of inflation in America.

Powell replied: “No. Inflation was high before, certainly before, the war in Ukraine broke out.”

Big picture: A recent poll by Rasmussen asked voters: ‘How serious a problem is the rising price of gasoline, home heating oil and other petroleum products?’

92% replied “serious” and 68% replied “very serious.”

…That’s why Joe Biden gave this speech.

Democrats know this is going to crush them in the November midterms.


[Source: CNN, Fox News, Rasmussen]

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