Biden is Fanning The Flames of ULTRA MAGA plus more GORIGHTNEWS Power News

Written by on May 7, 2022

titleBiden is Fanning The Flames of ULTRA MAGA

plus more GORIGHTNEWS Power News

Shared By Peter Boykin – American Political Commentator / Citizen Journalist

Joe Biden went on an inauthentic, scripted attack against the “ultra-MAGA” agenda, which he characterized as “extreme.”

…on the same day, a poll found that if the Presidential election were held today, 50% said they would vote for Trump and just 36% would vote for Biden.

That’s what I call Ultra-MAGA.




The leak of the Supreme Court draft opinion in the Dobbs v Jackson case is a dangerous obstruction of justice.

States have the right under the Constitution to regulate abortion and protect unborn life.

The Supreme Court should overturn Roe and restore the regulation of abortion to the state: Despite creative judicial legislating, it is crystal clear that abortion does not involve war, peace, negotiation, foreign commerce, or taxation.

Abortion fits squarely into the states’ sphere of objects that concern the “Lives, liberties, and properties of the people.”

Not being an enumerated power, the Roe Court did not have the authority to overturn the abortion laws of the states.

Even some abortion advocates eschew the injudicious method of federalizing abortion as short-circuiting a naturally evolving jurisprudence under state laws.

As a national policy, abortion jurisprudence is, in a word, a mess.


📈 Biden’s average approval: 42.3% approve, 52.9% disapprove
✅ Elon Musk may step in as temporary Twitter CEO
⛽️ National gas price average ticked up to $4.27
🆘 The Dow plunged more than 1,000 points yesterday
⬇️ 77% of Americans say the economy is ‘bad’

Sources: Real Clear Politics, Daily Wire, AAA, Fox Business, CNN poll


🚨 The US says it shared intelligence with Ukraine about the location of the Russian missile cruiser Moskva prior to the strike that sank the warship, an incident that was a high-profile failure for Russia’s military. [The Guardian] The U.S. leaking this story seems like an intentional provocation. It comes on the same day the U.S. leaked that it’s provided Ukraine intel to target Russian generals. Also on the same day George W. Bush called Zelenskyy “the Churchill of our time.” It feels like we’re trying really hard to provide a Russian response against the U.S. Ask yourself why.

✅ Elon Musk has assembled a group of 19 investors including a Saudi prince, Larry Ellison, and a bitcoin exchange to pony up more than $7 billion to back his bid to buy Twitter. The new money will cut in half the amount Mr. Musk needs to borrow against his Tesla stake. [WSJ]

💊 Some doctors have recently reported on medical blogs and social media that their Covid-19 patients have improved after taking Paxlovid — and even tested negative — only to have symptoms flare up again a few days later. [NY Times]

💉 The FDA revised its emergency authorization to sharply limit the use of Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine due to a rare but potentially fatal blood clotting condition. [Fox Business]

🤡 Critics roundly mocked MSNBC for scheduling an interview with first lady Jill Biden that was to be hosted by Symone Sanders, a former senior adviser to Jill’s husband, Joe Biden. [Daily Wire]

💣 An Associated Press investigation has revealed that around 600 people, and potentially many more, were killed in the attack on a Mariupol theater in Ukraine when the Russian military bombed the building that was being utilized as a primary bomb shelter in the country. [Daily Wire]

😂 President Donald J. Trump in 2020 asked Mark T. Esper, his defense secretary, about the possibility of launching missiles into Mexico to “destroy the drug labs” and wipe out the cartels, maintaining that the United States’ involvement in a strike against its southern neighbor could be kept secret. [NY Times] The Times wrote this article as a hit piece. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s a BOSS move to want to blow the drug cartels off the face of the Earth.

✅ Rudy Giuliani told Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 Committee that he will agree to testify before them only if it’s broadcasted live for the world to see. The J6 committee refused, and Giuliani canceled his appearance. [The Gateway Pundit] Rudy is the best.


🤡 Joe Biden announced that Karine Jean-Pierre will replace Jen Psaki as White House press secretary beginning later this month. Here are some lowlights of Karine filling in for Psaki.

Meet Karine Jean-Pierre: The next White House Press Secretary!


🎥 Watch Sen. Josh Hawley BULLY Biden’s DHS Secretary over their new censorship board.

Josh Hawley drops MOAB on Biden’s DHS censorship board and its activist head— Mayorkas melts into a PUDDLE


🎥 Senator Rand Paul dropped an absolute TRUTH BOMB about “disinformation” during a Senate hearing

Rand Paul keeps speaking that Truth!!!


🎥 This is the woman in charge of the Biden admin’s new “Disinformation” board talking about online comments about Kamala Harris and Ilhan Omar.

New disinformation just dropped. Calling Kamala Harris a woman who slept her way to the top or pointing out that Ilhan Omar married her brother on paper to ease his immigration are both forms of “Russian disinformation.”

🎥 Want to see a group of pro-abortion doctors get completely owned by one person?



📋 These are the companies that will pay for their employees to travel to pro-abortion states to have their abortions.


🎥 Joe Rogan is pro-choice. But his personal feelings on the ethics of abortion will surprise you.

Joe Rogan recognizes the extremely complex ethical and emotional issues surrounding the abortion debate.

“There’s a big difference between a little clump of cells and a fetus with eyeballs and a beating heart … but where do you draw the line? That’s the question.”

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