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A close-up look at Joe Biden’s note card reveals his staff has to give him instructions IN CAPS reminding him to sit in his own seat…


…even in writing, they have to treat him like a child. Very sad.


📉 Biden average approval: 39.6% approve, 56.1% disapprove


🆘 98% of Americans consider rising prices a ‘crisis’ or a ‘problem’


🍗 Chick-fil-a has been named the friendliest fast-food chain


🔫 83% of voters say 2A purpose is to protect self, family, property and against government tyranny


Sources: Real Clear Politics, Quinnipiac, QSR, Trafalgar


🎥 A swimming coach saved the life of a 25-year-old synchronized swimmer who fell unconscious during her routine.



🎥 Kamala Harris is really bad at basketball.


AIRBALL!! Kamala Attempts Basketball and Fails Miserably




🎥 Someone call the police and report a dead body. Kari Lake, the Trump-endorsed candidate for AZ Governor, DESTROYED a CNN reporter trying to interview her.


EPIC: AZ Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake DESTROYS Liberal CNN Reporter




🎥 A viral video allegedly shows a man in China using fireworks to fight off a bulldozer sent to demolish his home.


China Man Appears to Fights Off an Excavator Sent to Demolish His Building with Firework





🎥 A filmmaker [who has a documentary about Trump coming out soon] released this clip of Trump managing every detail of his interview shot. I don’t know if the intention was to make him look bad, but I think this hands-on attitude is part of what makes Trump great.


The Trumps did not have editorial control. Full stop.





🎥 Given the extraordinary courage Justice Clarence Thomas showed yesterday, it’s worth learning more about the man. This trailer for a 2020 documentary about his life gives you a quick look at his story.





🎥 As Democrats try to prosecute Trump for denying the results of the 2020 election, let’s not forget that the same Democrats denied the results of the 2016 election… Over and over and over again.


MUST WATCH: 10 minutes of Democrats denying election results.



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