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I want to start off with a hypothetical situation…

Imagine you are an apple farmer yielding 1,000 apples per day. Suddenly the demand for apples is skyrocketing because a celebrity shared their apple-a-day diet. So the price of apples doubles. Now your apples are worth more, so you’re making some extra money.

Back up: The U.S. President has previously made it his stated goal to put the apple industry out of business. He’s more of a pear guy.

But despite wanting to shut you down, the President tells you it’s your “patriotic duty” to invest in doubling your apple production to help fill the demand and bring down prices.

The problem you’re faced with is that this guy has pledged to put you out of business. If you invest $1 million dollars this year in more equipment to produce more apples to fill current demand, how long before the President makes good on his pledge to kill your business, drive demand back down, and thus waste your investment?

This is what Biden is doing to the oil industry.



George Washington University announced it will no longer use its “Colonials” mascot or team name after backlash from America-hating liberals who claimed, “Colonials means colonizers.”

…those evil Colonials are the ones who fought and died for independence so that privileged liberals could have the freedom to whine about things that happened centuries ago.


🎥 Steve Bannon’s motion to have his contempt of Congress charge dismissed has been denied and his trial will start next month. In response, Bannon’s legal team will move forward with subpoenaing Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and others to force them to testify under oath during his trial. Here’s Bannon trolling the J6 committee and using the press to promote MAGA candidates. [The Right Scoop]

Steve Bannon On Supboening Pelosi For The Trial Of Bannon

“Hold on to your lug-nuts, it’s time for an OVERHAUL!”—my best Jim Carey voice!
#stevebannon #thewarroom #pelosi #deepstate


🎥 Hilarious! Watch Gov. Ron DeSantis’ reaction after learning that Elon Musk would support him if he ran for President in 2024.

‘African Americans’ DeSantis Responds To Hint From Elon Musk About 2024


Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis responded to Elon Musk’s hint about supporting him in 2024.


🎥 Listen to this farmer’s warning about food prices.

This is… disconcerting. From the farmer’s mouth.

🎥 A dog shows us what freedom feels like!

What Freedom looks like!




🎥 CNN’s own Don Lemon is now questioning Joe Biden’s mental health for the second time in a few days.

CNN’s Don Lemon Questions Biden’s Mental Capacity For Office

“As president of the United States I interviewed him and he has trouble sometimes connecting and his answers sometimes don’t make sense. And so I want to know as a journalist, as an American, does this president have the mental and physical stamina to run again as president of the United States considering the reports that are coming out and considering my eyes and my ears, I can hear him, and I can see him every single day.”


🎥 People literally laughed in the face of Democrat Rep. Jamie Raskin when he claims the J6 Committee doesn’t engage in partisan politics.

FAIL Democrat Rep’s Lies Have Everyone LAUGHING in His Face

Rep. Raskin says that the Jan 6 committee doesn’t engage in partisan politics, and is promptly laughed at


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