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A blockbuster report reveals internal memos that prove government agencies knew about potential violence at the Capitol on January 6 but failed to properly prepare for the threat.

First things first: Most of the people ensnared in the DOJ’s J6 witch hunt have faced charges for simply roaming around and taking pictures. But there are a few legitimate bad actors who either committed violence or conspired to commit violence.

That’s who these internal memos are about.

The details: The internal memos from both U.S. Homeland Security and D.C. authorities prove they had intel of online chatter discussing waging a “bloody war,” concealing guns, and burning down the Supreme Court. These warnings were shared with Capitol Police.

One memo warned of a militia group called the Oath Keepers warning of “bloody war” if the Insurrection Act isn’t invoked. [11 are facing ‘seditious conspiracy charges]

One online threat said: “Anyone going armed needs to be mortally prepared to draw down on LEOs. Let them shoot first, but make sure they know what happens if they do.”

Big picture: These memos prove that the Capitol Police had warnings of potential violence, but failed to prepare.

Bigger picture: Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer were [and still are] in charge of the Capitol Police at the time. On January 4, then-President Donald Trump offered to send National Guard troops to D.C. but they turned him down.

The big question that needs to be answered is: Did Chuck and Nancy know about the intelligence report of potential violence? If they did, they deserve a lion’s share of the blame for turning down Trump’s offer of National Guard troops.

[Source: Just the News]

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