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The Environmental Protection Agency [EPA] issued a warning about human-made ‘forever chemicals’, which are commonly found in drinking water, food packaging, and many more elements of everyday life. The warning states they are a greater danger to human health than previously believed.

What is a ‘forever chemical’? They’re human-made chemical compounds known as polyfluoroalkyl and perfluoroalkyl substances [PFAS]. And they’re linked to infertility, thyroid problems, and cancer. And they stay in the environment for years without breaking down.
EPA found that lifetime exposure to even very low levels of these chemicals can compromise immune and cardiovascular systems.
According to the Washington Post: Since the 1940s, chemical makers have used the highly durable compounds to make nonstick cookware, moisture-repellent fabrics and flame-retardant equipment. But that same toughness against water and fire, which made the chemicals profitable, allowed them to accumulate in nature and build up in the body — with long-term health effects.

The communities where the problem is the highest have been found around military bases, where PFA-laden foams have been used for decades to fight jet-fuel fires.

What needs to be done? The EPA is calling on local officials to install water filters and notify residents where contamination occurs. The EPA is also preparing to impose mandatory standards this fall.

You can find an interactive map here to see where the contamination is found.


[Source: Washington Post]

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