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USA Today just deleted 23 articles by one of their reporters after discovering she lied about her sources and fabricated quotes.

USA Today is one of Facebook’s fact-check partners.

Remember this next time you see a “fact check” on social media.

🎥 This is the best 7 minutes of video you’ll watch this week. Senator Rand Paul GRILLED Dr. Fauci over recommending boosters for children without any scientific studies to support it.

Heated Exchange between Sen. Rand Paul & Dr. Anthony Fauci on Vaccines and Royalties



🎥 Biden looked like he soiled his diaper when a reporter asked him about Hunter’s shady business deals.

Confused Biden stares blankly when a reporter asks SAVAGE Hunter question


This man looks confused, scared… or both.



🎥 Project Veritas leaked Twitter’s ‘All Hands’ internal meeting with Elon Musk. Here are the highlights.

Project Veritas LEAKS #TwitterAllHands with Elon Musk

🎥 These Italian motorists had to take things into their own hands when climate psychos blocked a highway.

Roma, attivisti bloccano GRA in protesta contro gas e carbone, automobilisti inferociti tentano di rimuoverli #granderaccordoanulare #extinctionrebellion #localteam


🎥 The media tries to paint Mike Lindell as a nut. I think he’s a national treasure. Watch him discuss his battle with addiction and how he found Jesus. If we had more Mike Lindell’s and less Nancy Pelosi’s, this country would be in a much better place.

WATCH: Mike Lindell discusses his battle with addiction and how he found Jesus


🎥 Is Nancy Pelosi drinking on the job again?

Nancy Pelosi In 2022: “We Have The War In Iraq…”



🎥 Biden to a woman whose husband recently passed away: “Sorry he dropped dead.”

Biden Tries & Fails To Be Sympathetic Sorry He Dropped Dead

Biden: “And, by the way, my sympathies to your, the family of your, your CFO, who dropped dead very unexpectedly, my best to their family, it’s tough stuff.”


🎥 Gov. Ron DeSantis calls out Joe Biden for trying to dodge blame for rising gas prices.

Gov. Ron DeSantis holds Biden accountable for inflation, high gas prices

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