Bidens Federal Overreach Threatens Internet Freedom Warns FCC Commissioner

Written by on November 15, 2023

Biden’s Federal Overreach Threatens Internet Freedom, Warns FCC Commissioner

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Biden regime looks to control the internet

Biden regime looks to control the internet

Biden’s Federal Overreach Threatens Internet Freedom, Warns FCC Commissioner

Amidst rising concerns, the Biden administration’s push for stringent internet regulations purportedly under the guise of “digital equity” is poised to significantly reshape cyberspace governance, setting the stage for an imminent showdown as the Democrat-controlled Federal Communications Commission (FCC) prepares to vote on the proposal today.

The Crux of the Matter: Joe Biden’s administration seeks to introduce a slate of new rules, ostensibly aimed at combating “digital discrimination.” However, Commissioner Brendan Carr has raised a red flag, denouncing the move as an audacious and “unlawful power grab” that would effectively grant the federal government unprecedented authority to micromanage internet service providers (ISPs).

Commissioner Carr’s clarion call underscores the concerning breadth of control these regulations would assert over ISPs’ operations, touching upon crucial facets such as service pricing, customer discounts, marketing strategies, credit checks, infrastructure expansion, and beyond. The ominous consequence, as Carr warns, is that these regulations could impede innovation within the broadband industry, leading to reduced consumer choices and stifled progress.

Biden’s maneuver finds its footing in an obscure provision nestled within the 2022 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, directing the FCC to “prevent digital discrimination of broadband access based on income level, race, ethnicity, color, religion, or national origin.” Critics argue that this thinly veiled mandate is an intentional ploy orchestrated by Democrats within the colossal bill’s labyrinthine contents, to be wielded as a tool for exerting far-reaching control.

A Pattern of Overreach: This latest move further accentuates a recurrent pattern observed under Biden’s helm, characterized by an inclination towards expanding federal control. Whether it’s dictating household appliance choices or vehicle specifications, Biden’s administration has been accused of leveraging federal agencies to impose liberal lifestyle preferences on the American populace, circumventing the legislative process and encroaching on individual freedoms.

Anticipating the FCC’s potential approval of Biden’s regulatory framework, pundits foresee a heated legal battle looming on the horizon as opponents gear up to challenge these far-reaching measures in court.

Notably, these regulations appear to sidestep content moderation and censorship issues, suggesting Biden’s inclination to delegate such enforcement tasks to the Department of Justice, fueling concerns over potential governmental overreach into online discourse.

The brewing confrontation over Biden’s internet governance agenda sets the stage for a clash between expansive federal authority and the preservation of individual liberties, igniting a fervent debate about the extent of governmental reach into the digital realm.

[Source: Senate Commerce, Daily Caller]






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