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I did not enjoy sitting through Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech. It was an hour filled with lies, revisionist history, and straight-up stupidity. But there was one moment that made it all worth it. It was CNN’s lead pollster admitting:

“He obviously has been on the decline. There’s nothing in this speech that suggests he turned that around…”

…even CNN couldn’t spin for him.

Joe Biden delivered his State of the Union address to an American electorate that has rejected him and his policies. Even Democrats have turned on him, with just 23% wanting him to run for re-election.

After one year, the American people know who Joe Biden is – a failure who’s led us to crippling inflation, empty grocery shelves, forced vaccination, a wide-open border, and the brink of a second Cold War.

The only question I had about Joe Biden is how much #InfoWars Male Vitality did to take to help #SleepyJoe stay awake for his entire speech.


Ukraine/Russia: Biden spent the first 10 minutes of his speech using the conflict between Ukraine and Russia as a way to project a “tough guy” image, taking on Putin and “defending democracy.”

It’s a trick that all failed leaders do, including Putin himself. When things are terrible at home, you create conflict abroad and cast yourself as the hero in order to distract your citizens from the pain and suffering you’ve caused them.

One newsworthy item: Biden announced the U.S., along with NATO allies, will ban Russian aircraft from our airspace.

Gas prices: Biden says we, along with “30 other countries” will release 60 million barrels of reserve oil to lower fuel costs. The truth is, this won’t make a dent in our gas prices.

For perspective, we use 20 million barrels a day in the U.S. alone.

Also, oil reserves are meant for emergencies in times of war [to fuel planes and tanks] or during natural disasters. As we teeter on the brink of war with Russia, it doesn’t seem like a prudent idea to waste those reserves to lower gas prices by 2 cents.

Covid: I guess covid is officially over. Democrats in Congress who lectured you about mask-wearing for the past two years arrived unmasked.

Biden took a victory lap, claiming his actions led us out of the pandemic. Even though more Americans died from Covid while Biden was president than when Trump was president, despite having a full arsenal of vaccines and therapeutics.

Stealing Republican policies: It was strange to hear Biden use phrases like:

“We’ll buy American”
“The answer is not to defund the police. It’s to fund the police.”
“Revitalization of American manufacturing”

…it sounded like a Trump rally. FUND the police?

This is the same party that spent two years demonizing police as crime surged across the country.

The reason for the flip flop is Democrats realize that voters are rejecting their policies. You’re going to see a lot of this as we head into the midterm elections.

The gaffes: It wouldn’t be a Biden speech if he wasn’t making a fool of himself, right?

Here are a few [and I’ll share videos in the ‘Notables’ section]:

“Putin may circle Kyiv with tanks, but he’ll never gain the hearts and souls of the Iranian people.” …lol, does Biden think Putin is invading Iran?

At the end of his speech, he screamed “Go get him!” out of nowhere. He wasn’t talking about Putin, because this was 45 minutes later in the speech. It was like he forget where he was. Maybe he thought he was giving a little league speech.

Who knows.

The best part of the night was when Rep. Lauren Boebert reminded Joe Biden of his failed pull out of Afghanistan. At one point in the speech, Biden was talking about American troops who had been hurt in Iraq and Afghanistan.

And Boebert broke standard “decorum” and shouted out:

“You put them there, 13 of them!”

It was a reference to the 13 American soldiers that were killed by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan during Biden’s disastrous retreat.

The honest state of our union would have been:

an open border crisis created by Biden
an inflation crisis, hurting middle and working-class Americans a supply chain crisis, leaving grocery store shelves bare
a crime-wave crisis, due to Democrat, soft-on-crime policies a human rights crisis, as Americans still face termination for refusing to take the covid vaccine a Ukraine crisis that could lead us to war.

Fact-Checkers Find Numerous Biden Claims ‘Didn’t Square with the Facts’ During State of the Union


[Source Waking Up Right]

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