Big Tech Censorship Is Taking Our Freedom

Written by on July 28, 2021




Big tech announced a coordinated plan yesterday to use a centralized database to flag and ban “extremist content” across all social media platforms.

Back up: The database is called the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT). It was originally created in 2017 to collect data on foreign terrorists like ISIS and al-Qaeda.

GIFCT members include Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Reddit, Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram, Dropbox, and more.

GIFCT announced yesterday that it would be expanding its scope to now target American citizens that share material from white supremacists and far-right militias.

The group’s Executive Director Nicholas Rasmussen said they expanded their scope to target “far-right or racially motivated violent extremism.”

Suspicious timing: This announcement comes two weeks after the White House [via the Press Secretary] suggested to Big Tech: “You shouldn’t be banned from one platform and not others.”

The real talk: None of us support white supremacists or domestic terrorists. But we now live in an age where big tech applies broad-stroke labels to voices it disagrees with in order to censor and ban them.

The NY Post was banned for spreading “misinformation” when it posted Hunter Biden’s real e-mails.
People were banned last year for saying that Covid leaked from the Wuhan lab.

It’s not an unreasonable stretch to fear that these companies will abuse and contort what it considers an “extremist” position in order to ban conservatives across all platforms.


But That is Not All of It

PayPal “teams up” with the Jewish NGO Anti-Defamation League to “uncover and disrupt the financial pipelines that support extremist and hate movements,” according to a joint statement.

The “initiative” will focus on white supremacists and “those propagating and profiting from antisemitism, Islamophobia, racism, and anti-immigrant, anti-Black, anti-Hispanic, and anti-Asian hate.”

“We’re excited to announce a new partnership with @PayPal to fight extremism and hate.
We’ve launched a research effort to understand how extremists leverage financial platforms to fund criminal activity.”
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Are We Really Living in a Free Country if we are told what we can say or cannot say? If we are not able to decide what to put in our body or not? Are we free?

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