Border Showdown as NC Republicans Rally Behind Texas but Governor Cooper Stands Firm

Written by on January 28, 2024

Border Showdown: NC Republicans Rally Behind Texas, but Governor Cooper Stands Firm

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Cooper vs NC

Cooper vs NC

Border Showdown: NC Republicans Rally Behind Texas, but Governor Cooper Stands Firm

In the throes of the ongoing legal clash between Texas Governor Greg Abbott and the Biden administration over border security, a resolute front of Republicans across the nation, including North Carolina, staunchly supports Abbott’s assertive position. However, the state’s Democratic Governor Roy Cooper stands as a distinctive figure, charting a different course.

All three contenders for the Republican nomination for North Carolina governor—Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, businessman Bill Graham, and State Treasurer Dale Folwell—have voiced unequivocal backing for Abbott. Their critique of President Biden centers on perceived negligence in addressing border security, aligning with a shared perspective seen nationally among influential GOP figures such as former President Donald Trump and House Speaker Mike Johnson, despite a recent U.S. Supreme Court order.

In stark contrast, Governor Cooper asserts a different narrative, claiming that a bipartisan Senate is on the verge of enacting a robust border security law, facing resistance from Donald Trump. He calls on fellow governors to support legislation without compromising constitutional principles and the rule of law.

While Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson aligns firmly with Abbott, underscoring the urgency for decisive action to tackle the border crisis, Cooper’s dissent illuminates the intricate balance North Carolina navigates amid divergent party lines.

As the Texas National Guard boldly defies a Supreme Court decision by erecting razor wire barriers on the U.S.-Mexico border, Abbott justifies these actions by invoking state authority that, according to him, supersedes federal law. Critics counter, asserting this echoes the discredited “compact theory” of state supremacy, a historical reference to the Civil War era.

While numerous states rally behind Texas, North Carolina emerges as a distinctive player in this border showdown, providing a glimpse into the nuanced political landscape within the state. The complexities of this dynamic highlight the ongoing debate on immigration, state authority, and the delicate interplay between federal and state responsibilities. As the nation watches the evolving situation, North Carolina remains a unique piece in the intricate puzzle of the border security discourse.


NC Governor Stands Firm Against Border Push as Texas Takes Charge

Despite a predominantly Republican government in North Carolina, with the exception of Democratic Governor Roy Cooper, the state stands alone in not rallying behind Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) in his confrontation with the federal government over border authority.

In a bold statement, Governor Cooper voiced his dissent, asserting, “A bipartisan Senate is close to the strongest border security law in a generation, but Donald Trump is telling Republicans to stop because a tough border law hurts his campaign.” Cooper criticized Republican governors for bowing to Trump’s influence, urging them to support legislation without violating the constitution and the rule of law.

Notably, North Carolina’s Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson (R) took a divergent stance, expressing support for Governor Abbott’s border security efforts. Robinson emphasized the need for stronger action to address the escalating border crisis, citing encounters with individuals on terrorist watch lists and the smuggling of dangerous drugs like fentanyl.

As the standoff continues, Texas National Guard defied a Supreme Court decision, persisting in building razor wire barriers on the U.S.-Mexico border, hindering the federal Border Patrol. Governor Abbott justified these actions, claiming state authority to combat an “invasion” supersedes federal law. Critics argue this echoes the discredited “compact theory” of state supremacy, reminiscent of the rejected notion used to justify the secession of Confederate states during the Civil War.

While other states align with Texas, North Carolina remains an outlier, navigating the delicate balance between party lines and the evolving dynamics of the border crisis.



NC Republicans Unite: Standing Strong with Texas Governor Abbott on Border Security

In the ongoing legal standoff between Texas Governor Greg Abbott and the Biden administration, Republicans nationwide, including North Carolina, are rallying behind Abbott’s bold border security stance.

All three Republican candidates for governor—Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, businessman Bill Graham, and State Treasurer Dale Folwell—have taken to social media, expressing unwavering support for Abbott. They criticize President Biden for allegedly neglecting border security responsibilities, echoing the sentiment that Texas has a constitutional right to safeguard its borders.

Notably, this unified front showcases a shared perspective on border security among these diverse Republican figures, representing various segments of the GOP electorate. Nationally, influential GOP leaders like former President Donald Trump and House Speaker Mike Johnson have also voiced support for Texas, defying a recent U.S. Supreme Court order allowing federal agents to dismantle razor wire installed by Texas authorities.

25 GOP governors from across the country have endorsed a statement from the Republican Governors Association, backing Abbott’s use of razor wire and other measures to secure the border.

In the race for North Carolina governor, Robinson, the GOP frontrunner, applauds Abbott’s efforts, emphasizing the need for more leaders to challenge President Biden on border security. Graham accuses Biden of turning North Carolina into a de facto border state and stands firmly with Abbott in the fight against the administration. Folwell criticizes the federal government’s perceived incompetence, claiming it has turned every state into a border state, jeopardizing national security.

Even N.C. House Speaker Tim Moore, eyeing a congressional run, pledges support, vowing that the House will assist Governor Abbott and Texas in their efforts.






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