Breaking down Biden’s first press conference

Written by on April 3, 2021

Breaking down Biden’s first press conference

Imagine the Joe Biden of that press conference faced with a real international crisis

The event occurred on the 65th day of Biden’s presidency.

Critics of the Biden administration have called on officials to make Biden available to the press on a regular basis. White House press secretary Jen Psaki holds daily briefings.

It took 65 days, but we finally got a press conference from President Joe Biden… And it really made you appreciate the phrase “be careful what you wish for.”

The obvious observation right off the bat was that Biden is in obvious cognitive decline. Aside from his usual inability to string together a sentence without losing his train of thought, here are some other observations stuck out:

Biden gets through first news conference — with help from ‘cheat sheets’

Sean Hannity was quoted as saying this about it:

“Our enemies are watching. This is embarrassing,” the host said on “Hannity.” “Have you ever seen an American president rely on a book of cheat sheets before? To answer a simple question at a press conference? It is pathetic. It’s embarrassing. And let’s be clear here, the compliant media mob wasn’t exactly throwing Joe any tough curveballs. They were incredibly polite and kind.”

Though Biden was fully dependent on cue cards for many of his answers, often reading directly off them. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of a press conference?

President Biden referenced “cheat sheets” detailing key policy points and the identities of attending journalists when he conducted the first formal news conference of his presidency.

Photos showed Biden holding a card labeled “infrastructure,” with key statistics and talking points. One bullet point noted that “China spends 3 times more on infrastructure than the U.S.”

In another photo, Biden was seen consulting a sheet that appeared to show the photos and news outlets of journalists who attended the news conference. Some of the photos had a circled number next to the reporters’ faces.

He had a print-out of report’s names with their photos, and a pre-determined order in which he would call on them.
Biden took questions from just 10 reporters

He took ZERO questions from conservative outlets, probably good for Biden since Fox News’ Peter Doocy had a ‘binder full of questions’ for Biden if called on a news conference.

Just 25 reporters were permitted to attend. Biden took a limited number of questions from a list of pre-selected reporters before leaving the podium. He answered questions related to the ongoing crisis at the southern border, his view on calls to end the filibuster, and other topics. Among other remarks, the president said he intends to run for reelection in 2024. The Reporters fail to ask Biden about COVID, reopening schools, Boulder shooting, Russia at the first news conference

But what concerned me most was the cocktail of lies and bad policy that came out of Biden’s mouth:

1. The Border Crisis: Biden lied through his teeth about the border crisis; downplaying it while also blaming former President Trump.

Biden claimed that “the vast majority” of families who come to the border are turned away. In reality, that number is just 13%.

Biden claimed Trump turned children away at the border and “let them starve to death.” That’s also a lie. Under Trump children who were turned away were flown back to their country of origin.

2. China: Biden painted a rosy picture of his relationship with Chinese President Xi, saying he spent “more time with Xi Jinping than any world leader.” [through decades in the Senate + 8 years as V.P.] Biden claimed he told Xi in January that “we’ll insist that China play by the international rules, fair competition, fair practices, fair trade.”

The problem is: Biden is the one who created the situation that allowed China to violate international rules, fair competition, and so on. Every consequential policy decision that led to China’s rise was underwritten by Joe Biden in the Senate and then as vice president.

3. The Filibuster: Biden took the mask off on repealing the filibuster in the Senate. Right now, the only thing stopping Democrats from doing what they want legislatively is the fact that they need 60 votes in the Senate because of the filibuster rule.

Biden said, “With regard to the filibuster, I believe we should go back to a position of the filibuster that existed just when I came to the United States Senate 120 years ago.”

First, laughed at him saying 120 years ago

Second, he is openly saying he wants to change the rule

4. Green New Deal: Biden talked a lot about wanting to spend a couple of trillion dollars on an infrastructure deal. But while he was using the word “infrastructure” he really meant “Green New Deal”.

The big tell was when he was talking about the jobs that would be created by an infrastructure deal. “We can’t build back to what they used to be… Global warming has already done significant damage.”

I predict that a big chunk of his infrastructure spending is going to go to spending items that were in AOC’s Green New Deal.

I know he’s a feeble man who’s fun to make fun of, but we better start taking this guy seriously. Because while we’re laughing at him, he and the Democrats are plotting to change this country forever.

President Joe Biden’s first press conference was memorable mostly for what didn’t happen: no questions about the pandemic and no gaffes.

“His aides and allies are relieved that he got through this one hour without any huge slip-ups,”

Of the 10 reporters called on by President JOE BIDEN during his first presidential press conference, five of them asked about immigration in one way or another. And three of them asked about the filibuster

Number of questions on 2024: 2

“There were more political questions than I would have imagined,”

Neither President BARACK OBAMA nor President DONALD TRUMP was asked about their reelection plans during their first press conferences, even though Trump had filed the paperwork to run weeks earlier.

Number of questions about the Covid-19 pandemic: 0

Baer said he found the lack of questions about a pandemic that has killed at least 545,000 Americans unusual. So too did other former White House communications directors.

Length of Biden’s press conference: 62 minutes

That’s slightly longer than Obama’s first press conference, which lasted just under an hour, but shorter than Trump’s first solo press conference, which went on for an hour and 17 minutes.

Number of Fox News reporters Biden called on 0

Fox was the only major network Biden didn’t call on. He also skipped The New York Times, Reuters, NPR, and POLITICO.

Number of major gaffes: 0

Biden appeared to lose his train of thought at one point, but he didn’t come close to living up to his gaffe machine reputation.

“It was a good day for President Biden”

No…I will not let Joe get away with that Press Conference. You saw it, I saw it, No one serious is talking about it. Biden is clearly not in our world. This is the first time a President had taken this long to hold a press conference in over a century, and there is an obvious reason why. 10 points below.

1. Several times Joe trails off mid-sentence and gives up. At least on one occasion, he says “We must…well…uh…yeah…(silence),” followed by disbelief chuckling in the audience.

2. He uses a note-card “cheat sheet” where he’s had weeks to prepare. Yet somehow he would fumble around them, and sometimes (perhaps half the time) just downright reads off of them as though he didn’t have a solitary independent thought for the question at hand. It is almost as if these cards were prepared for someone who is not actually sure what is going on…or is not trusted to answer questions in a specific way…OR maybe that these were answers to questions they knew were coming. Sadly, many of the answers were incoherent or just stopped.

3. A cheat sheet isn’t the only thing he has, he even has a list of reporters he is allowed to call on. Guess who wasn’t on that list? Fox. The only remotely oppositive news in the room. A Room Full of people framing questions around “the border has increased immigration because you are seen as a moral leader” and other smoke-blown-up-the-bum activism to hide the fact that he is not with us, folks. Either they weren’t on that list or he just decided to avoid them.

4. The Border Crisis. He outright lies and it really P’ed me off. Firstly, he claims that Trump’s policies caused it, but they are purely his policies which even left-wing media outlets agree. He implied that the previous policy would have sent them out to the desert to die which was NEVER the policy, and when asked when would the media be allowed to go in and accurately report on what’s going on with the kids in the cages, he said basically said: “When I let you.” And when asked when again “I don’t know.” Where are the fact-checkers!?

5. Biden once again jumps in front of a parade and claims he made accomplishments. Trying to say that he will achieve 200 Million vaccine shots in 100 days as though this was his goal, but ALREADY we have been on track for this thanks to the efforts of the STATES and not him. He stood against a lot of the measures but wants credit for things that he didn’t even come close to solving…and indeed, much of it is coming from Red states at that. Joe is a Joke.

6. Joe gets agitated randomly. He suddenly gets angry when talking about Unions as though a devil materialized in the room somewhere. And he gets agitated when a reporter asked if he would run 2024 – and doesn’t give a straight yes/any answer. But I bet you are thinking what I’m thinking. Can he make it 2022 without getting Kamala’d? Because I think he is getting Kamala’d. Yes, even he might think he’s getting Kamala’d.

7. Perhaps the worst of it, Biden drives the stupid stupid narrative that the Filibuster is a “relic of Jim Crow.” yeah, the same Jim Crow enacted by Democrats…yeah, the same Jim Crow Kamala accused Joe of rubbing elbows with those that advocated it. The same Jim Crow that isn’t “Jim Eagle.” Oh…you don’t know who the hell “Jim Eagle” is? Well, guess what, NOBODY does. Joe just said, “this makes Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle.” Somebody help me understand…

But that’s not all, Joe was Captain Filibuster back in the 120 years (yes he said he was in the senate for “120 years”) he’s been in office. It was ok when the Dems used the Filibuster 250 times, but NOW it’s racist!? This guy is so awful…and again, where are the fact-checkers?

8. But that wasn’t the worst, he put forward the very idea that Voter Id is Racist. Sick stuff. This is all part of that effort for many states to clean up the voter laws to prevent another 2020 election travesty.

But of course, terrible folks like Stacy Abrams want to label those efforts as “Racist” and our totally “legitimate” president is going along with it because he is a doddering tool. This really makes me mad.

9. What was Joe intentionally not asked?

– Policy on Covid. Not a single thing. And remember, his crazy Education Head said that they won’t open schools till MAYBE the Fall…MAYBE!

– Hunter Biden’s NEW gun scandal. Did you know that Hunter may have purchased an illegal firearm and that he might have tried using the secret service to cover it up? No…of course not. Hey Fact-checkers, again, where are you!?

– The Dastardly wind knocking Joe down the stairs three times. I don’t know about you, but do you think the last president would get away with that oath of silence from the press?

10. Final point. Many of you are going to say “B-But-but TRUMP!” And before you do, go back and look at points 1 ~ 9 and ask yourself, would Trump get away with any of this in his pressers? And then, ask yourselves, how does this matter now?

For the last 5 years, it’s been nothing but a reactive response against Trump in terms of how you may have shaped your viewpoints, but Trump is gone now…now it’s all about the president YOU wanted there instead of him (because Orangeman is supposed to be THAT bad).

Well, here he is! What can he do? What has he done? Is he with us? This is why he couldn’t hold a presser this long. This is why CNN lost 45% of its viewership. People know Trump is out, but they are in no way excited for Joe because…frankly…the public can now finally start to understand just how incompetent such a decision was…and perhaps, realize things were not that bad in the past.

Them GPA-looking Gas prices can attest to that!

Anyways, have fun with that.

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