Biden’s halt of border wall construction sends migrants streaming into the US

Written by on April 3, 2021

Biden’s halt of border wall construction sends migrants streaming into the US

Thousands of tons of steel and heavy equipment stand idle along the U.S.-Mexico border as legions of migrants exploit holes in the fence left by President Biden’s decision to halt construction.

From Texas to California, unfinished sections of the wall have become convenient gateways for migrants to enter the U.S. Near the gaps, Border Patrol agents park their vehicles to monitor the access points.

Smugglers send groups of asylum seekers through the gaps to overwhelm the agents. When agents leave to intercept or apprehend one group, another group scampers across.

“It’s insane,” said an agent attending to a group of 13 Brazilian migrants apprehended Tuesday near a 100-foot gap in the fence in Otay Mesa, California. “The project is three-quarters done. At least, they should be allowed to tie together the primary fence. Otherwise, we’re trying to catch these people in the worst possible place. It’s just sucking our manpower.”

Biden issued his stop-work order days after entering office in January. He gave Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas 60 days to report back – either continue, modify or terminate the contracts. So far Mayorkas is a week past his deadline. Meanwhile, the tab footed by taxpayers keeps running up.

In other developments:
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