Breathing and Global Warming the Unveiling of the Impact of Human Exhalation

Written by on December 20, 2023

Breathing and Global Warming the Unveiling of the Impact of Human Exhalation

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Humans may be fueling global warming by breathing: new study

Humans may be fueling global warming by breathing: new study


Breathing and Global Warming the Unveiling of the Impact of Human Exhalation


A new study out of the U.K. claims that humans are fueling global warming by breathing. So my question to the left-wing climate crazies is… How committed to the cause are you?

In a groundbreaking study from the United Kingdom, researchers suggest that human breathing may be contributing to global warming. The study, led by Dr. Nicholas Cowan from the UK Center for Ecology and Hydrology, reveals that exhaled human breath contains small concentrations of methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O), both of which are known contributors to the global warming crisis.

Published last week in the UK journal PLOS, the research highlights the potential environmental impact of the gases emitted through respiration. While carbon dioxide is already recognized as a major greenhouse gas released during breathing, the study found that methane and nitrous oxide, though in smaller quantities, contribute an additional 0.1% to the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions.

The study involved 104 adult volunteers, and the results showed that every participant exhaled nitrous oxide, while 31% of them also exhaled methane. For those who did not release methane in their breath, the study suggests that they likely released the gas through burping and flatulence, a phenomenon referred to as “ion flatus.”

Dr. Cowan’s team acknowledges that the study only accounts for breath emissions and that flatus emissions, including burping and flatulence, may significantly increase these values. The researchers speculate that, considering livestock and wild animals may also exhale nitrous oxide emissions, there could be a small yet significant unaccounted-for source of N2O emissions in the UK, potentially exceeding 1% of national-scale emissions.

According to the concentration levels observed in the study samples, human breath is estimated to contribute 0.05% of the UK’s methane emissions and 0.1% of nitrous oxide emissions. Surprisingly, the study did not establish a link between exhaled gases and diet.

The researchers noted, “Concentration enhancement of both CH4 and N2O in the breath of vegetarians and meat consumers are similar in magnitude.” This conclusion suggests that diet or potential future diet changes are unlikely to play a significant role in estimating emissions across the UK as a whole.

As concerns about climate change intensify, this study raises questions about the various sources of greenhouse gas emissions and the need for a comprehensive understanding of the impact of human activities on the environment. The findings prompt a reevaluation of our commitment to climate change mitigation and the importance of addressing even seemingly inconspicuous contributors to global warming.

[Source: New York Post]







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