Build Back Never

Written by on December 20, 2021


Posted By Peter Boykin – American Political Commentator / Citizen Journalist

Ladies and gentlemen, it appears that Joe Biden’s hopes of passing the ‘Build Back Better’ [BBB] act… are dead. Here are a few headlines from the left-wing media:

CNN: Talks between Manchin and Biden at standstill as Build Back Better likely stalled until next year
NBC: Democrats’ hopes dim that Build Back Better will pass before New Year
Axios: Biden acknowledges Build Back Better bill likely won’t be passed this year

And when they say “next year”, the rumors are they’re shooting for March. But the factors that killed the bill today are likely to still persist in March of 2022. And when you consider that by March, we’ll be entering the 2022 mid-term election period, it’s safe to say… This bill is dead.



What happened: A few factors ultimately killed this bill:

Joe Manchin. While Manchin was the public face of Democrat opposition, he likely spoke for several moderate Democrat Senators who, like him, are also from states where BBB isn’t so popular. Joe Biden thought he could negotiate with Manchin, but ultimately the following two factors killed their negotiations:

Inflation. After five straight months of 5% inflation, capped off with 6.8% inflation in November – there’s no denying we are going to have to deal with inflation for the foreseeable future. And Joe Manchin is smart enough to know that when you spend $2 trillion dollars of money you don’t have, that makes inflation worse.

CBO score: The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office evaluated the BBB bill and found that it would add trillions of dollars to our national debt over the next 10 years. This rejects Joe Biden’s claim that the BBB bill would add “zero” dollars to our debt.

Senator Lindsey Graham said: “I think Build Back Better is dead forever, and let me tell you why: because Joe Manchin has said he’s not going to vote for a bill that will add to the deficit… Manchin has promised the people of West Virginia, ‘I will not vote for a bill that adds to the deficit that’s full of gimmicks,’ so I think [it] is dead forever.”

Not that it matters anymore: But Democrats had planned to sneak amnesty for 6 million illegals into this bill. Adding insult to injury, the non-partisan Senate parliamentarian ruledthat they cannot include immigration reform in a budget reconciliation bill.

What happens next? Biden and Democrats are saying they’re going to shift their focus to “voting rights legislation.” What they really mean is, they want to make it easier to cheat in our federal elections by forcing every state in the country to implement rules like: outlawing voter-ID, mandating mass vote-by-mail, and more.

The good news is, they need 60 votes in the Senate to pass a law like this. But there are only 50 Democrats in the Senate. So it’s very unlikely, but we’ll keep an eye on it.

[Source: Waking Up Right, and Politico]

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