Calling Out Fake News and Its Misdirection

Written by on December 18, 2022

Calling Out Fake News and Its Misdirection

Shared By Peter Boykin – American Political Commentator / Citizen Journalist

Calling Out #FakeNews and It’s Misdirection

Everybody hates fake news, right?

Then again, one man’s fake news is another man’s infallible truth. So how to discern truth from falsehood, in the foaming churning sea of ‘narratives’ and ‘counter-narratives?’

Ever since the nihilistic professors of chaos undermined public discourse and the very foundations of language, by the ‘revolution’ of postmodernist nihilism, where everybody has a right to their own opinions and reality is whatever you make of it, the risk that facts, truth, and history would be finally reduced to mere ‘narratives’ has always loomed menacingly upon the horizon. And although the Party of Truth has often striven valiantly against the Party of Feelz, the threat of a purely subjective and emotional approach to the world has made significant inroads.

This being so, it’s a truly extraordinary sight to see those who actually invented ‘post-truth’ and ‘alternative facts’ consistently railing against these very same things.

The supposedly impossible election of President Donald J. Trump in November 2016 left the liberal media and the anxious elites scrambling for a way to discredit the legitimately elected President of the United States of America.

In such a context, where the noonday sun of populist truth is menaced by the midnight gloom of aristocratic falsehood, and the dusk of integrity grimly heralds forth the dawn of MSM lies, it’s comforting to remember how we’ve been here before. Many, many times.




Facebook’s So-Called “fact checkers” are at it again. Will someone please inform them that fact-checking posts and leaving editorial notes by opinion-based left-leaning “journalists” do not make their opinions True?!

Real History is written by the winners.

While Fake History is written in the favor of the corrupt.

What many of the big tech social media sites are doing is and I have said it before they have turned their sites into publishers while still pretending to be a platform.

This breaks their protections under the law that protects them from those that can and will sue them for financial damages. (Fyi Laura Loomer is doing this)

Facebook continues to “fact check” and threaten groups with unpublishing like they have done with the Gays for Trump Organization where we are not allowed to post as a page on any of our other groups or pages as our page.

Facebook will quite literally silence you.

They threaten to make it harder for you to be seen as well if they deem you are spreading “fake news” they will never fact-check a leftist article if you notice.

Worse if they deem you a dangerous individual. It is now 👌for you to make serious death threats against Laura Loomer, Gavin, and others! Facebook is just cool with it.

Where are the fact checks on the Brett Kavanaugh case? Russiagate? Impeachment? General Flynn or Roger Stone?

They of course don’t fact-check these because either they ignore that there are many sites like Fox news that will fact-check the hell out of their leftist narrative, but Facebook will refuse to let these leftist articles be fact-checked.

Why? Because like so many others Facebook is run by the left and only appeals to the left. While we on the right have to live with it or fight against it. I for one say… keep posting the truth and when they label it false news prove them wrong.

We cannot and will not allow America to become China where they fact-check and erase pictures and videos and force people to claim that no one died in Tiananmen square!

1984 must remain Fiction!


Independent Fact Checkers and Election Fraud

The Mainstream Media, The MainStream Social Media (Like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube), and the Left have worked overtime to build a game against Trump.

They were upset that the massive use of media and social media helped to gain support for Donald Trump in the 2016 Election. So, they poured everything they could into mounting an online coup against Trump in 2020.

This involves a multilayer system that involves massive voter fraud but is then covered up by social media and the main media including Fox News to try to make you think Joe Biden is the President-Elect.

They even created a fake “Office of the President-Elect” that DOES NOT exist.

On top of that Facebook and Twitter and Youtube have been telling us all news that the right shares are fake, false, or incomplete. Then after election day they even put many pro-Trump admins and moderators on 30-day bans!

Then even for some like Peter Boykin they ultimately disabled his account for good. Thus stopping anyone who refuses to just give up and accept their planned coup and stop us all from talking.

It is time to join alternative social media and mainstream media. They think they have us captive, well we are breaking free!



Make No Mistake Facebook is Directly Involved in this Election Fraud Coup Attempt


Fellow Republicans… For a moment I would like all of you, for a moment, sit down and think of all things which have transpired during these fraudulent Elections of 2020 and even some in 2022.

You must, take into consideration, all parties who have “DESPERATELY PUSHED BIDEN’S 2020 ELECTION NUMBERS OR THWARTED CONSERVATIVE NEWS” in order to understand how many people are involved and how organized this attack on America Coup was!

Let’s go back to the time Fox sold to Disney, continuing to conform to the Republican party UNTIL, November 3rd where which part, WAS THE FIRST FAKE NEWS TO REPORT BIDEN’S LEAD AND WIN OF PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!

Coming into question WHY would a Totally Conservative Newsagency, the Leader of ALL OTHER NEWS AGENCIES IN VIEWERSHIP, and the ONLY Newsagency represent the Republican party ???

Why were they the first to lead this charge of Fraud???

Who were they trying to make look like “Fools.”??

What could Biden Gain, by this TOP NEWS OUTLET, to turn its views TOTALLY IN SUPPORT OF BIDEN???

Think deeply, my friends…

It has always been CNN and MSNBC as the most regarded Democrat-News Agencies, but, Republicans already KNOW they are fake news…

What has President Trump done at every single rally since he became President???

He has CALLED OUT all Democrat news stations, while he has put FOX NEWS always in top regard and RELIABLE NEWS!!!

What would be the BEST WAY The Democrat party could set up a TROJAN HORSE making Trump and all Republicans look like FOOLS…

Wouldn’t you infiltrate the “ONLY REPUBLICAN SOURCE” Trump has supported, since the beginning, The News ALL REPUBLICANS have put their faith in to expose the Democrats???

And… what have we seen SINCE FOX NEWS has attacked our President in this election…


When have you EVER seen CNN Giving full support to Fox News when attacked by Republicans????

Now, let’s look at, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and all other media platforms that have BLATANTLY BLOCKED and REMOVED Conservatives, They have labeled ALL STORIES posted by Republicans as Fake news or “FACT-CHECKED THEM” Even more Deviant every political post made, Facebook has posted below it, the projected winner of Joe Biden for President, EVEN BEFORE THIS ELECTION IS COMPLETELY COUNTED!!!!

When any source claims a winner of our Presidential Election that simply says that those votes WHO HAVE NOT BEEN COUNTED mean NOTHING!



Make NO MISTAKE… Facebook’s SUCKERBURGER is compliant in this COUP and in doing so, has COMMITTED TREASON against the United States, along with all other actors who have complied with this fraud!

All of these “ELECTION GLITCHES” all fall in favor of JOE BIDEN????? Are you kidding me???!!!

What about the strategically placed States, which took so long totally and remain “Undecided” for DAYS??? These states were CRUCIAL in this plot and known for a great while to be held up in order for the Democrat party to know how the rest of the Nation would vote before PLAYING WITH THE NUMBERS with these KEY STATES, and what about ALASKA??? Really???? This state has been known to be Republican since the beginning of its statehood, yet it was ONE OF THE LAST STATES TO BE CALLED!?!?

None of this can be blamed on a GLITCH or ERROR, this FRAUD, ELECTION INTERFERENCE, or even worse, TREASON by very powerful people in our country needs to have criminal trials these people, once this election is exposed and President Trump is found to be our President!

Make NO MISTAKE… Everything we have witnessed in this election has CABAL, SORO, Corrupt Democrat Politicians, and MOSTLY importantly, Media and Media Platforms, so powerful, they could even SILENCE A PRESIDENT!!!!

The Democrat Party has declared WAR on our nation… No doubt this Coup Plot goes as high as people in our DOJ, CIA, and FBI! This MUST be exposed or our nation will be taken over by this
“Orwellian Evil Party!”:



Imagine being in a cult that makes you comment on posts about the murder of a gay American just so you can put out your fake news hate about Trump. It’s sick!

Imagine supporting Joe Biden who wants gay marriage rights to never have happened. Who only changed his mind about the votes. Who is a racist.. senile.. and a pedo? As he supports the radical Muslim agenda that wants to “transform America” by eliminating gays.

It’s a big imagination for me to do what the left accusers do by telling me that “I vote against my self-interests by voting for Trump”

But in reality, it’s no big imagination for the left (especially if they are gay) as they are voting for their own doom.

While I am voting for Trump who has some of the highest-ranking gay officials on his side.. this is the same President Trump who stood up in 2019 in front of the UN and in front of the world and pledged that homosexuality is decriminalized on this planet.

Let’s see Biden. Hillary.. or Barry do that!

President Donald Trump’s Full Address To The 2019 United Nations General Assembly




I have noticed a surge in negative “articles” about Trump coming from publications that never liked Trump. In the same breath, these places pump pro-DeSantis “articles” and loosely done polls that suggest DeSantis over Trump.

Honestly, if you fall for these you are dumb.

The media is bought and paid for. Obviously, you don’t know what “fake news” is.

Before you want to defend how great a governor DeSantis is I’m not telling you I hate the guy.

What I’m telling you is pay attention that Republicans are being pushed towards a “candidate” that those behind the curtain want you to get behind. DeSantis is a comfortable, controllable, easy pick to “replace” Trump in what they want you to believe in.

I’m not falling for it and neither should you.

Establishment, Swamp, Never Trumpers, RINOs, Cabal whatever you want to call them will NOT be able to use fake news stories and money influence to push and pump Bullshit to drive me towards a certain direction.

You really need to start paying attention to patterns, where are they directing us to and what are they directing us from? Have you noticed that the “news,” rarely reports on the REAL issues that matter? They tend to drive you to some celebrity gossip or trial (Depp Vs Heard on Fox News?) Instead of real cases like Ghislaine Maxwell, what really led us to Ukraine, and the Hunter Biden laptop!

I try to cover what I can at but I get to choose what I cover and that’s the perk of being an independent citizen Journalist (opinionist)

I push back and research what’s really going on, I suggest you start digging a little bit, and start by using a tool like Telegram to find REAL news (FYI real news starts there then sometimes it goes mainstream.)

Remember mainstream news is a business and the stories covered are nothing but PR, paid news, and “fake news” that’s there to get you to go in a certain direction.

Don’t buy into it!

#GoRight and Fight Fake News

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