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Joe Biden has not Given a Press Conference in 100 days Plus By Peter Boykin - American Political Commentator / Citizen Journalist   Joe Biden hasn't held a press conference since July 15th. That's 99 plus days ago. In that time we've experienced: Afghanistan withdrawal crisis Haitian migrant crisis Inflation crisis Supply chain crisis None [...]
BIDEN'S FLYING ALIENS By Peter Boykin - American Political Commentator / Citizen Journalist This is a prime example of why conservatives always say: Every town is a border town. A blockbuster report from the New York Post reveals how Joe Biden has been secretly flying thousands of underage illegal aliens from the Texas border into [...]
Biden lowers spending bill target to between $1.75T and $1.9T By Peter Boykin - American Political Commentator / Citizen Journalist President Biden has privately informed Democratic lawmakers he is optimistic they can reach an agreement on a social spending plan capped at about $1.9 trillion, a spending target that would mark a significant reduction from [...]
State Department's IG launching investigations into Biden's Afghanistan withdrawal By Peter Boykin - American Political Commentator / Citizen Journalist   State Department IG to probe Biden admin's chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal The State Department's inspector general is launching a series of investigations into the Biden administration's last diplomatic moves in Afghanistan. The reviews will focus on [...]
BIDEN'S PLAN TO AUDIT THE POOR 3X MORE THAN THE RICH By Peter Boykin - American Political Commentator / Citizen Journalist If you were President of the United States, would you focus on making sure the rich or the poor were paying their "fair share" of taxes? Joe Biden has chosen to harass poor Americans. [...]
Biden's Afghan Handing is his 911   SON OF 9/11 VICTIM HAS HARSH MESSAGE FOR JOE BIDEN Nic Haros Jr.'s mother Frances was killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. And following President Joe Biden's botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, Nic is calling Biden the "Killer-in-Chief" and advising him to stay away from Ground Zero on the [...]
Biden CDC and Fauchi Are Not to Be Trusted     While we are told to "trust the science" how much can we really trust, Biden, CDC, and Fauchi? First up, the COVID 'HOSPITALIZATION' STATS ARE WRONG Health experts consider hospitalizations as the main barometer for measuring where we are in the Covid pandemic. But [...]
Biden Pressed Afghan President To Create Perception the Taliban was Losing Joe Biden in a recent speech tried to use lies and misdirection to put a bow on his deadly, failed withdrawal from Afghanistan. Only one problem... He's had to do so many Presidential addresses since this crisis began three weeks ago, that the American [...]
Desantis Fights Back Against Biden Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis took aim at Joe Biden after the President threatened to take "legal action" against Florida's rule outlawing mandatory mask mandates. Our enemies know Biden's weak: “When you’re leaving thousands of Americans to fend for themselves behind enemy lines, that matters... you know, who are looking at [...]
Joe Biden Gave the Taliban an Army of Weapons Joe Biden's poorly planned withdrawal from Afghanistan has left billions of dollars worth of American military weapons and vehicles in the hands of the Taliban terrorists.     Here's what they now own, courtesy of your tax dollars: ▪️ 2,000+ armored vehicles, like humvees ▪️ 40 [...]

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