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Biden Has to Go as We Find Out Trumps Crisis Evacuation Plan was Cancelled a Few Months Ago by Biden As we all [rightly] focus so much attention on the international crisis Resident Joe Biden has created in Afghanistan, I want to make sure we don't lose sight of everything else that his administration is [...]
BIDEN COMING FOR 9MM PISTOLS   Joe Biden held a town hall on CNN that went miserably. Biden's mental decline was on full display all throughout the night, and sometimes it was tough to watch [clip below]. ūüé• Joe Biden's mental decline was on full display at a CNN town hall. But the one [...]

The Gas Prices the next muzzle on American Citizens Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve seen what’s been going on since the¬†‚ÄúPedotus‚Ä̬†in Chief¬†aka¬†Mr.¬†Biden¬†took over, we’ve seen the left get¬†every single thing that they’ve wanted.¬† Sadly,¬†this has all been since the last midterms,¬†honestly,¬†we did not back up Trump enough.¬†That’s why Trump¬†was¬†not¬†able to get everything […]

Biden’s First One Hundred Days, How Did We Survive?   Joe Biden has crossed the 100-day mark of his presidency, an arbitrary¬†benchmark¬†on the calendar, but a decades-old standard used to judge presidents.¬†¬†The beginnings of this start with¬†Franklin D. Roosevelt, the last commander and chief whose¬†first three months in office were¬†truly momentous.¬†100 days¬†have become a point […]

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