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A gay bar in Dallas hosted a drag-queen show for children.

The details: The event was called ‘Drag the Kids to Pride’ and it invited parents to bring their children to a “family-friendly” version of their “Champagne Drag Brunch.”

Those on the Religious Right were not happy and claimed: that what went on was anything but “family-friendly.

Children were invited on stage to dance with men in thongs and wigs, aka “Drag Queens”

A sign at the front of the stage read “It’s not going to lick itself”
(which was honestly the worse thing that was really up there)

The children were encouraged to tip the drag queens as if they were strippers, then again when you tip your waitress does that make her or him a stripper?

The event sparked large protests outside that devolved into shouting matches between protestors and the parents bringing their children to the event.

Here’s what both sides are saying:

One of the drag queens was asked if the event could make the kids want to do drag:
“I think so and I hope so… Yes, it can be negative at times, but I think that drag builds confidence.”

One female protestor said:
“I live in this community… I don’t believe that I should be seeing signs advertising for children to be dancing on stage with men in thongs and in inappropriate clothing and makeup. I do not in any way condone the behavior that these people are engaging in, but what drags me out here is its kids now.”

Big picture: According to the Religious right they feel that this is part of the left’s movement that wants to expose children to “radical gender ideology” and “sexualize” them at a young age.

Although the sexualizing of children is something that we are firmly against, a drag show is not necessarily sexualizing children. Looking at the footage it seems that the act in this drag act was NOT the same as it could be in an adult nightclub. The issue is that people tend to generalize everything and demonize the gay community for everything they do.

Finally many on the religious right feel they should follow the path of what Ron DeSantis did with Disney, and push back every time they see this, unfortunately without seeing all sides and that very much is the issue.

[Source: Daily Mail, YouTube: FleccasTalks]

🎥 If you’d like to see footage from the Dallas drag event for kids that I wrote about above, plus interviews with attendees and performers, you can see it here. (video by Fleccas Talks)

CONFRONTED: Drag Queens Hosting Children’s Event Explain Themselves

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