Drag Queens Performed at Apex Pride in North Carolina but NOT all were Gay we mean Happy

Written by on June 12, 2022

Drag Queens Performed at Apex Pride in North Carolina but NOT all were Gay, we mean Happy

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Recently Drag Queens Performed as they tend to always do at Gay Pride. It’s basically the biggest act of pride.

Although Pride is a voluntary event that forces NO ONE to attend it seems that some of my fellow Republicans and right-wingers didn’t like the idea of Men Dressed as Women performing to music while lip-synching to music.


Quoting WRAL:

The weather was ideal for the annual Apex Pride Festival Saturday. There was quite the turnout as people enjoyed the music, food and games. The organizer told WRAL News there were so many people some vendors actually ran out of food.

This is the second annual Apex Pride Festival held in celebration of our LGBTQ community. The event is organized by the Apex Festival Commission.

The Town of Apex said it strives to be a welcoming and diverse community with a sense of belonging for anyone that chooses to live, work, or visit the area.

One attendee, Clair Hammock, said it was important to share this moment with their children

“I think my kids, and I hope a lot of kids these days, I feel like we’re just exposing everything like it’s normal because it is it’s not something that needs to be a special conversation,” said Hammock. “We talk about LGBTQ all the time and it’s just a part of books that we read to them. It’s just gonna be normal. It’s not gonna be this weird taboo thing, it’s just life.”

Organizers told WRAL News there were thousands in attendance throughout the day.


Let’s break it down, North Carolina is considered one of the places called the “Bible Belt” and there are going to be people not so happy. The ones triggered in this case are Right-wing “bible thumpers” that would NEVER dream to attend an event but so desperately wanted to watch clips of the show and repost these through social media (the same social media that the kids they claim to be wanting to “protect” are on) their own reactions and videos of the performances.

These individuals choose to ignore their Constitution that grants people the 1st Amendment and it includes our Freedoms. Understanding that even though our Consitution grants us the right to our Freedom of Religion and our beliefs these same individuals feel the need to impose their views on the gay community and condemn a whole community while doing so. In all honesty, as much as these people will tell us Gay Conservatives that we cannot be Conservatives and Christians, how do some of these individuals both believe in the Republican values yet believe in conflicting values that reflect in their interpretation of the “Word of God?”

I myself have been VERY patient this year, trying to counteract the reactions of things the gay community is doing to “trigger the right” but as I keep looking there are fewer and fewer of these things the “leftist gays” are doing I can fully stand against. To me, it’s becoming a cry wolf situation, as the religious right is just triggered by the existence of gays. I am ALSO very tired of the RIGHT Generalizing that the whole GAY Community is Democrats or Leftists because we are NOT.

I have seen comments posted about RED vs BLUE and placing the “Gays” all on the left, going back to my political campaign a Religious Political Guide took my VERY Right-leaning questions to important topics and then graded me LEANS LEFT, why? all because I am gay. That’s called Identity Politics, I was literally put into a political group just solely based on my sexuality, tell me now who practices these politics that I have been blamed for years. Hint it’s not me, my movement and my groups have ALWAYS practiced the recognition of our individual identities and against the generalization of people.

This year alone I have been bombarded by comments on Facebook of condemnation, of cherry-picked bible quotes proclaiming the damnation of the “homosexual abomination.” Now I am seeing why so many gays have turned away from the church and GOD because the “messengers” of “God’s word” are driving people away. For myself, I know that Jesus is the way to the afterlife, and JESUS CHRIST loves us and does not condemn us. Sadly the more I push back that this is how my faith is based and how I believe I am hit back with more and more damnation. This has caused me to unfriend and block many people.

This is why we set up an online event on June 18th to go over scripture and we have offered the opportunity for comments and questions. Many seem to be interested but many are afraid to listen because we might actually prove them wrong. To me I know that religion and the interpretation of it is as old as modern man, I know that we are NOT going to agree on everything, I would just be happy the day that Gays such as myself can have PRIDE in peace and be Gay without the persecution of some individuals who are religious.

To be honest it’s been a learning experience lately. Last year and while Trump was in office and even at the RNC convention before he was elected in 2016 many on the right were embracing the big tent, recognizing that Gays belong in the Right and the GOP and praising our entry.

But, this seems to have changed as the left gays tend to become pushier with gender issues and more bold events I have seen the right snap back into their old evangelical Christian-led methods of demonizing a whole community of Gays.

Instead, I have seen someone like Charlie Kirk who embraced Lady Maga and Rob Smith just as little as last year now even jumping on the demonizing generalization train of thought to freak out about everything that “the gays” do.

This is why I will no longer blindly share “right-wing” news and reactions about the gay community, and many might hate my so-called “moderate” views on gay issues and the community.

But, let me remind you I am a conservative Republican but I am also a Constitutionalist Patriot. I unlike many others do not fall within party lines just because it’s “my party.”

Take note of this as people will fight back against my views and the views of Gay Conservatives of America. Our purpose is NOT to be at the hip of either political party but instead to call out both sides when they both do wrong.

Personally, I worked as an engagement manager for years and I feel someone needs to be willing to look at both sides and point out what is being done right and what is being done wrong. Sadly for some, they will believe you are a “Rino” or “not a real Republican” for not totally buying into Every single talking point.

If anything I take from the need for people telling me about “identity politics” is that no I am an individual and I am unique, I do however like many others seek out similar people who can be supportive. In the future, this is much more a priority to me as it should be for everyone.

To Conclude the Gays had a Pride in Apex NC, the Religious Right didn’t like it, much was said about it, and much was done to shut it down. I think one of the biggest issues was the inclusion of a “Drag Queen Story Time” was added. In the past, these were NOT done very well or family-friendly in other places in the country. I can confess that I myself am wary of how these can be done properly. YET, if Drag Queen Story Time was done on a voluntary basis and the Drag Queens are not sex offenders or legally in trouble that they would be a danger to children then I would think a family-friendly story time could be a good thing. Note that twerking and pole dancing are NOT needed to read a story to kids so let’s make sure that is left out.

Bottom-line, I am going, to be honest, my message to the Religious Right is that you are freaking out about nothing. Parents take their kids to go see clowns right? Drag Queens like these are basically our clowns in the Gay Community. All those kids see are funny-looking clowns. I see NOTHING in this video that is too “sexually suggestive” or “sick.”

FYI I hate pedophiles and real groomers, but this show is neither.

I’ve seen worse things on commercials between kids’ shows on TV, y’all really need to stop with the overreacting.

I suggest that if there are things in the future that are as mild as this was, you don’t go if you don’t want to see them. People forget this right we have to ignore voluntary things, just like you can keep scrolling on social media or change channels or not watch things you don’t approve of. It is called CHOICE. GOD gave us the right to CHOOSE. Just as much as you don’t want to attend a Drag show at Gay Pride, many there might not feel as good attending a local Revival, for some people things are just not compatible.

So for many of those that tend to cry wolf over ANYTHING the gays do, it’s just starting to become ignorable and more “Karen” than anything else.

One Suggestion, use this energy instead and protest the government on how they are trying to take our gun rights instead?


As for the Drag Show, here is a Video Clip

Here are some of the reactions on Facebook:


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