Corrupt Judges Gag Order Rattles Trumps Free Speech Crusade

Written by on May 2, 2024


Corrupt Judge’s Gag Order Rattles Trump’s Free Speech Crusade

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Corrupt judge threatens Trump with jail, orders him to delete social media posts

Corrupt judge threatens Trump with jail, orders him to delete social media posts

Corrupt Judge’s Gag Order Rattles Trump’s Free Speech Crusade

In a contentious legal showdown, former President Donald Trump finds himself at odds with Judge Juan Merchan, who has levied fines and threats of incarceration over Trump’s alleged breaches of a gag order in the non-disclosure agreement case. Trump’s social media postings on Truth Social, accusing the court of corruption, have ignited a firestorm of legal and political controversy.

Judge Merchan’s ruling, demanding Trump pay $1,000 for each of nine violations of the gag order and mandating the removal of said posts, underscores the escalating tension between the former president and the judiciary. However, Trump’s defiance against what he perceives as a curb on his constitutional right to free speech sets the stage for a high-stakes legal battle with far-reaching implications.

The judge’s actions have sparked accusations of bias and conflict of interest, with revelations emerging about Merchan’s daughter’s ties to Democratic political circles. Despite concerns raised about impartiality, Merchan, a known Biden donor, has staunchly refused to recuse himself from the case.

Trump’s legal team, as well as journalists like Laura Loomer, has been quick to challenge Merchan’s expanded gag order, arguing that it stifles legitimate discourse and infringes upon Trump’s ability to defend himself. Trump’s scathing criticism of Merchan’s perceived interference in the judicial process, echoed on Truth Social, has amplified calls for transparency and fairness in the legal proceedings.

As the legal saga unfolds, Trump’s defiant stance against what he deems as judicial overreach reverberates through the corridors of power, raising fundamental questions about the balance between free speech and judicial authority in our Constitutional Republic. Will Trump’s battle for free speech rights shape the landscape of future political discourse and legal precedent? Only time will tell.

Trump was also ordered to delete the nine social media posts.

What did Trump say to violate the order? Some of the social media posts include:

Calling Michael Cohen a “disgraced attorney and felon”

Posting news headlines reporting that Michael Cohen had been found guilty of perjury.

Posting a screenshot of Stormy Daniels’ signed statement from 2018 denying she ever had an affair with Trump.

Pointing out new reports that liberal activists have tried to get on the jury.
…so Trump isn’t allowed to defend himself in public.

Meanwhile, Michael Cohen is on TikTok talking about the trial. Seriously.

Final word goes to Donald Trump, who wrote on Truth Social:

“This Judge has taken away my Constitutional Right to FREE SPEECH. I am the only Presidential Candidate in History to be GAGGED. This whole “Trial” is RIGGED, and by taking away my FREEDOM OF SPEECH, THIS HIGHLY CONFLICTED JUDGE IS RIGGING THE PRESIDENTIAL OF 2024 ELECTION. ELECTION INTERFERENCE!!!”

[Source: The National Pulse, The Post Millennial, NBC News]


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