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Worker Shows DoorDash Orders For Customers Who Didn’t Tip

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Tipping culture is a perennially divisive topic on TikTok, inspiring arguments about how much people should tip service workers and whether it’s OK to just tip nothing at all.

Attracting more than 2.8 million views in three days, it shows a pile of orders supposedly being ignored by DoorDash drivers because the customers didn’t include a tip on their orders.

“These been sitting here for 4 hours because no dashers would take non-tip orders,” reads the caption.

“No tip no trip, the workers told me no dashers/Uber eats/grubhub went to get the order.”

Some sympathized with the idea of delivery workers abandoning orders if they wouldn’t get a tip, while others argued this was unprofessional and unfair to the customers.

Maybe some of these orders were going to customers who planned to tip in cash! (NOTE THEY ARE MCDONALDS ORDERS THEY ARE NOT TIPPING)

It’s far from the first time we’ve seen this kind of debate take hold, with other TikTokers posting about their own “No tip, no trip” policies or suggesting that customers should tip at high rates, like 50%. “Putting miles on our car, using our gas can order 60$ worth of food but can’t even tip 1$ half da time. why would we take it if it’s making us lose $$,” one commenter wrote, highlighting the financial difficulties of working for apps like DoorDash.

Another commenter was less sympathetic, writing: “I used to tip a min of $10 and then 20% for larger orders. Dashers with big tips still sucked so now I pick up. Lazy work doesn’t deserve a good tip.”

From experience DoorDash and other services pay the minimum of $2.50 and rarely add surge pricing, think about this for a driver they are at least on average 5 miles away from the pick-up area, they get there, they have to park get out go inside, awkwardly push through a line of others waiting, get an employees attention and hope to get the order timely and most of the time this is not the case.

If it takes a long time to pick up they cannot just deny the order at that time without being penalized, so take into consideration the wait time to get the order.

Then afterward it’s the delivery to the location they get anything additional over the $2.50 from the delivery service, then there is the hope that they might get a tip. But note with Covid orders mainly are no-contact orders, leave the order at the door and leave is most the cases. When that happens there is NO TIP.

It is wrong to ask a driver to waste their time, their gas, and their car for low pay that in fact makes no one but their delivery company money.

For me, I would agree with those who don’t tip risk having their orders sit there.

What do you think?

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