DEPORT THEM ALL as Majority of Americans Embrace Calling Unlawful Border Crossers Illegal

Written by on March 21, 2024


Majority of Americans Embrace Calling Unlawful Border Crossers “Illegal”

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DEPORT THEM ALL: Majority of Americans Embrace Calling Unlawful Border Crossers "Illegal"

DEPORT THEM ALL: Majority of Americans Embrace Calling Unlawful Border Crossers “Illegal”



Majority of Americans Embrace Calling Unlawful Border Crossers “Illegal”

Amidst the escalating chaos at the border, a seismic shift in public perception has emerged, as a resounding majority of Americans now embrace the term “illegal” to describe those who unlawfully enter the country. This dramatic shift reflects a growing recognition of the severity of the border crisis and underscores the urgent need for decisive action to secure our nation’s sovereignty.

A poll found:

35% say illegal alien
27% say illegal immigrant
20% say undocumented migrant
12% say asylum seeker

The Erosion of Political Correctness:

For years, the left has peddled euphemisms like “undocumented migrant” and “asylum seeker” in a bid to downplay the gravity of illegal immigration. However, a recent poll has dealt a decisive blow to this narrative, revealing that 62% of Americans are unapologetically embracing the term “illegal” to accurately characterize those who flout our immigration laws.

A Clear Message to Washington:

This overwhelming consensus among the American people sends a clear and unequivocal message to the political elite in Washington: the era of tiptoeing around the issue of illegal immigration is over. The public’s growing frustration with the border crisis demands bold and decisive action to stem the tide of unlawful migration and restore order to our border.

As the chorus calling for stricter immigration enforcement grows louder, it is imperative for lawmakers to heed the will of the people and take meaningful steps to address the border crisis. The overwhelming majority of Americans have spoken: it’s time to enforce our laws, secure our borders, and uphold the rule of law. Anything less would be a betrayal of our nation’s founding principles and a disservice to the American people.



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Sources: Morning Consult, History, Realtordotcom Daily Wire, Fox News, WSJ, Chartr



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