Gays Can Be Conservatives: You Will NOT Prove Me Wrong

Written by on March 14, 2021

Gays Can Be Conservatives: You Will NOT Prove Me Wrong  

Written by: Peter Boykin



Gays can be conservative no matter what they tell you.  


Who are they?  


Quite literally the left and the right.  



Honestly, I’ve always said that in the past I was convinced that being gay was the only left-leaning thing that I had about me that was not Republican. So I thought you know I’m conservativish because I can’t be conservative because I’m gay and there’s a lot of people who will agree with that.  

But you know what?  

I can be a conservative.  

Why is that?  


Why can I be a conservative and also gay?  

Well, pure and simple folks.  

Think about it, they’re doing the identity politics already in both political parties, it is called getting demographics to vote for you. They’re getting as many Blacks to join the Republican Party, Latinos to join the Republican Party, Women to join the Republican Party, et cetera, et cetera.  

So I came to say, how come when we talk about gays we aren’t talking about how gays can actually be just as much as important as anybody else, gays could quite literally make or break an election.   

Think about it when you see the leftists online, what do you normally see online and on television?  

Crazy Gay leftists!   You See The Leftist GloboHomo Agenda!  

That agenda you see is left-leaning gays causing all sorts of messes and problems and are constant thorns in the side of the right, and hurt the reputation of all other gays.  

Which, sadly all this does is bring the religious right out to, you know, try to knock the gays down, and call us all degenerates.  

But honestly, I’ve already proven this before.  

Gays can be on the right!  

Why is that?  

Why can gays be on the right?  

Do you know?  

Because we honestly Exist!  

We exist!  

Gays for Trump exists, that’s why I Peter Boykin founded, Gays for Trump, and the group is growing.  

Besides Peter Boykin, just look at people like Scott Presler for example, who is doing a great job out there getting the vote out. Another person is Brandon Straka who is helping people #WalkAway.  There are lots of right-leaning gays, I mean this is why Gays For Trump exists.  

You want to find out how?  

I mean, I talk about it almost like every day. The liberal LGBT gives us the same reaction disbelief that a gay conservative exists, let alone a gay man that voted for Trump.  

My answer has always been, yes we do exist.  

Gays can be conservative, right? We already can fit in the mold that the left thinks all Republicans are.  

I mean, number one, a lot of gays have disposable income.  

Many gays they’re rich, they own businesses.  

Many gays want businesses.  

A lot of gays want a family.  

A lot of gays want to adopt or foster kids.  

A lot of gays are searching for relationships, but they’re no different than straight people where they are out there looking for a booty call.   

So just because somebody is a homosexual or different from you does not mean they cannot be almost like you, which means they can be conservative, and politically be the same as you.  

I’ve put this forth multiple times.  

Just because I’m gay does not make me instantly a political party.  

I’m not an instant political party because I am gay, so if I decide I want to be conservative, I can be conservative. Just because some people out there believe that conservatism can only be traditional family values does not make it right. Some conservatives say that a conservative family can only be a traditional nuclear family, but yet this is wrong because you forget that there are many different ways to have a family!  

So, do you call a single parent, or a widow not a conservative? How about someone who is raising their own child, or a person who adopts? Are they suddenly not conservative because they don’t match exactly what you consider what a conservative is?   

I can tell you a lot of gays vote Republican, and this number can change.  

So yes, there could be a lot of gay Conservatives out there, and there are.  

Gays are a Super Demographic that the Republican Party and Conservative, Inc. need to understand and they need to embrace. If the party can spend their energy on getting the black vote because there are lots of black people in the population that they wanted to vote for Donald Trump and other Republicans, they should also desire the Gays Vote as well, right?  

We need as many people to #GoRight!  

The Gays Go Right, the Blacks Go Right, the Latinos Go Right,   

We all Go Right, Do right, Be right.  

So now the next time LGBT leftists and Right-wing extremists deny the existence of Gays for Trump, you can proudly look at them and state Gays for Trump exists and millions voted for President Donald Trump!  

Look, I’m based in the North Carolina area.  

I’m a former Republican candidate for North Carolina house.  

I’m the Founder of the National Organization of Gays for Trump, as well as an activist, a speaker, and a writer for conservative gay rights.  

I’m just as conservative as anybody else, and just because I’m gay does not mean I can’t be Conservative. Just because everybody freaks out online, saying “Gays can’t be conservative” blah blah blah, but I’m here to tell you: Yes! We Gays can be conservative.  

I’m going to reiterate this!  

We, even though it’s our identifier, it’s an identity, it is what we are part of, and who we are, it’s our life. Just because I was born gay, or white, or my husband is black, and my friends are Latino, or my mom is a woman, Yes, a real woman.  

THAT does NOT mean we were born with a political party!  

A political party is not an identity! An Identity is not a political party!  

I might have been born gay, but I definitely wasn’t born a Republican.  

I definitely wasn’t born a Democrat.  

I definitely wasn’t born a libertarian.  

We formed those ideas personally through our experiences and our learning through our lives. Through struggles, our ideologies grew, and from the experiences we have, and the mind we have, including the education we received, and the people we work with, and the people we communicate with, this is how we obtain our political views.   

Honestly, what I see from those who tell me I cannot be gay and conservative, those folks are not conservative! You see a lot of individuals with major issues are the ones that doubt us. But you can be anything you wanna be.  

We need everybody, everybody!   

The whole melting pot to Go Right, we need the Gays, the Blacks, the Latinos, the lesbians, the whites, the Asians, Brown, and purple, all the colors of the rainbow to Go Right to Vote for the right candidates to be activists for the right causes.  

That’s what we need.  

That is exactly what we need.  

So, denying me and telling me I can’t be conservative because you have the small-minded bigots that are thinking that to be a conservative only means you have a traditional family or be or act a certain way they are wrong.  

I’ve stated before that they try to rule out all the other people who don’t have traditional families. These people also say that Gays should not be able to raise kids cause they don’t have two parents, a male, and a female. Though, what they neglect to remember is that they actually knock every single parent, out there who’s trying to struggle and raise their children!  

What really irks me the most are the people who say well we gave the gays gay marriage and we told you it was going to be downhill from now.  

“Look what’s happening now. We have drag time story hour, crazy transsexuals and you got everybody trying to change their sexes and we even got crazy dog people in the streets, and we have degeneracy everywhere! And it’s because we shouldn’t have given him that gay marriage. God, we shouldn’t have done that!”  

I’m going to explain that this is wrong.  

How am I a homosexual, hurting you?  

What am I doing to degrade Family values? Honestly!  

What am I doing?  

I don’t have a family, I mean I have a family but I don’t have a wife and kids, a traditional family. and I’m not raising any children at the moment, but I would like to.  

So tell me how am I hurting the traditional family?  

How? Am I personally hurting a traditional family? You cannot answer that.  

I can imagine you’re saying “that we are taking away from the number of families that can be out there raising kids and you’re trying to indoctrinate our kids and trying to make them not have families anymore.”  

You know what?  From the dawn of time, there have always been homosexuals, Roman days, Egyptian days.  

In the past, in the 50s, you know when everything was all wholesome yet we were treating blacks like trash? Those days…. yes those days, even then there were gays.  

Now, guess what! There’s always going to be gays in the future!   

You know what else? There’s always going to be family.  

There’s always going to be people having babies.  

There’s always going to be people having population. 

Believe me, we got a lot of population out there, maybe, maybe just maybe, scientifically we gays are here for a purpose other than to multiply population? 

A lot of great gay people who didn’t have families to spend their time with have spent their time building financial empires, businesses, invented new innovations and moved along art and entertainment culture.   

Human culture would be nothing without the homosexual, as it would also be nothing without the heterosexual.  

We all have a place.  

We all have a cog in this great scheme of things.  

That’s how it is.  

We all belong.  

We are also not all the same or a stereotype.  

I’m not a flamer. 

“Hello Guys, super gay. Hey watch me!” (thick lisp)   

Sorry, it’s not my style, so maybe that’s why people don’t watch me as much because I don’t match their expectations of being gay or what gay is?  

I am just a regular guy who happens to be homosexual in a partnership with my man for a quarter of a century who helps to run Gays for Trump, meanwhile, we are trying to get gays to go towards the right.  

We’re going to get there and hopefully, we’ll have your support and your help, but that support comes with a lot of people changing their mindset on how to make the future, how to make America great always. 

And that means embracing people.  

So, if you can embrace the Blacks, women, Latinos, et cetera,  you can embrace the gays.  

Let me say this again, I can be a conservative.  

I can be a conservative because I believe in limited government, or at least a better, well-regulated government making sure that we are doing the proper spending.  

I can also believe in social issues but also want to try to figure out how can we make things better so we don’t just keep throwing money at the problem.  

I believe in the First Amendment.  

I Definitely believe in the Second Amendment.  

I’m a constitutionalist. I can believe in almost 99% of what you Conservatives can believe in, but yet you tell me that 1% (that I am gay), which many of you claim makes me a Sinner and I’m going to hell because of that one little sin. All because many of you use a few verses from the Bible. Yet, you pay no attention to the rest of everything in Leviticus, though you cherry-pick whatever you want from Leviticus but ignore everything else. The shell-fish, the tattoo getting, the denim wearing, the wife-beating, the murder, and the list goes on.  

You ignore the real degeneracy that other people do, but you condemn me to hell because of one thing that you cherry-picked from an added book to the Bible written by a King and not Jesus. 

I’ve already said that folks: the Bible, written by men, interpreted by men, and of course it could be anti-gay because the Romans and the Egyptians were homosexual/bisexual and they were enslaving the Jews.  

So they were the villains in the Bible.  

The gays were made the villains.  

Of course, the gays were going to be made the villains in the Bible.  

But, am I really the villain?  

Question: if we all die and go to heaven are we really straight or gay there?  

Do we even need sexuality because we’re not having babies! We are not giving birth to little Angel babies, right?  

So, it kind of absolutely makes no sense for you to tell me, “Hey, you’re homosexual, you’re going to hell and you can’t be a Conservative!” It makes no sense. It makes absolutely no sense.  

End of the day folks, I’m a conservative just as much as you can be.  

I’m a Republican.  

I am a Conservative.  

You can be a Conservative too.  

You can help Conserve America.  

We all need to get together and #GoRight!  

You can gripe all day long about this subject, but I can be a conservative.  

Proper use of “identity politics” is embracing people like me.  

Get used to it.  

This is how we win the culture war.  

This is how we win America.  

This is how we keep America Great!   

Embracing Diversity and Diversity in Politics.  



Gays Can Be Conservatives: You Will NOT Prove Me Wrong

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