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In the latest example of “get woke, go broke” Ford and Amazon took a major financial hit last quarter due to heavy investments in electric automaker Rivian.

Ford (owns 12%) lost $5.4 billion
Amazon (owns 18%) lost $7.6 billion

Rivian shares are down nearly 70% year to date after delivering just 1,227 cars in Q1.


📖 Jill Biden’s biography sold just 250 copies in first week
📈 94% of Americans are concerned about inflation
💾 Tech stocks lost $1.8 trillion in April
🗓 On this day in 2011 Osama bin Laden was killed by Navy SEALs

Sources: Washington Free Beacon, WashPo/ABC News poll, Yahoo, History


✅ A six-month grand jury that was convened late last year to hear evidence against Donald Trump was set to expire this week, closing a chapter in a lengthy criminal investigation that appears to be fizzling out without charges against the former president, people familiar with the matter said. [Washington Post]

🤡 Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi led a group of seven Democrats in a secret congressional delegation to Ukraine on Saturday. The lawmakers met with Ukrainian president Zelenskyy and Pelosi pledged to “be there for you until the fight is done.” [Daily Caller]

💣 The Army Corps of Engineers discovered 19 Revolutionary War cannons while they were dredging the Savannah River in Georgia. The cannons are believed to be from a British ship that was deliberately sunk before a battle. [NY Times]

🫶 The Disney executive, Geoff Morrell, who played a key executive in formulating the company’s public response against Florida’s anti-grooming bill has stepped down after just three months in the role. [Post Millennial]

✅ Justice at last: The man accused of murdering retired St. Louis police Captain David Dorn as he responded to a pawn shop robbery during the summer of 2020 George Floyd riots will stand trial on July 15. [Daily Wire]

🚸 Texas Governor Greg Abbott transferred $495M from other state agencies to continue funding his border initiative, Operation Lone Star, which has positioned 6,000 National Guard troops on the border who help state troopers apprehend and jail illegal migrants trespassing on private property. [Hot Air]

📜 Republicans in Congress have authored a bill to discontinue the Department of Homeland Security’s “Disinformation Governance Board” as soon as possible. The “Ministry of Truth Termination Act” was written by Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert and first made public on Friday. [Post Millennial]

🌪 A tornado that barreled through parts of Kansas destroyed or damaged hundreds of homes and buildings, injured several people, and left more than 15,000 people without power. [AP]

👻 The Ghost of Kyiv — an internet legend and supposed hero who reportedly shot down 40 enemy planes since Russia invaded Ukraine — never actually existed, the Ukrainian air force has now admitted. [Daily Wire]



🎥 Terrifying video shows a tornado ripping through a Kansas suburb.

UNBELIEVABLE Video Of The Tornado In Kansas
Tornado in Andover, Kansas

🎥 EPIC… Ron DeSantis says what he would do to Dr. Fauci if he had his way.

Straight 🔥 from America’s Governor,
. #KeepFloridaFree


🎥 I don’t think it’s funny that food, gas, and rent prices are up for American citizens. But Joe Biden, Trevor Noah, and the rest of the D.C. elites at the White House Correspondents Dinner think it’s hilarious.

Trevor Noah roasts Biden over the rising price of everything.

“Since you’ve come into office, things are really looking up. Gas is up, rent is up, food is up. Everything!”

🎥 I give Trevor Noah credit for one thing… He brought up Jeffrey Epstein.

Trevor Noah drops “Epstein Bomb” at the WH Correspondent´s dinner

🎥 Trump called on Joe Biden to take a cognitive test and release the results, while speaking at a rally in Nebraska

Trump: “once and for all Joe Biden should put the question to rest and take a cognitive test and release the results for the world to see”

🎥 Soldier Surprises Son In The Best Way

A soldier came home from deployment and surprised his son during boxing lessons


🎥 “Never let a crisis go to waste.” Biden’s USAID Administrator, Samantha Power, admits she wants to use the fertilizer shortage caused by the war in Ukraine, to get farmers to use more costly, green-friendly options.

“Never let a crisis go to waste,” says USAID administrator Samantha Power as she discusses how lack of fertilizer supply from Russia is leading countries to develop “natural solutions” instead.

🎥 Rep. Hakeem Jeffries got OWNED when he asked for examples of Dems being racist against Justice Clarence Thomas. This guy is supposed to be next in line to take over Pelosi’s role BTW.

Rep. Jeffries: “What evidence do you have to support” that Dems hate Clarence Thomas because he’s a black conservative?

“The Chairman of this committee called him an Uncle Tom.”

Rep. Jeffries: “He has freedom of speech.”

“Can I give you another example.”

Rep. Jeffries: “No.”

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