Go Right News Power Hour March Week 1 Part 2

Written by on March 9, 2022

Go Right News Power Hour March Week 1 Part 2

Shared By Peter Boykin – American Political Commentator / Citizen Journalist

Go Right News Power Hour March Week 1 Part 2






🎥 Do you think Kamala Harris knows how ridiculous the things she says are?


🎥 This is one of the greatest TV moments of all time! Look at the picture they use 😂😂😂😂

🎥 Rep. Lauren Boebert interrupted Biden’s State of the Union to remind him that he got 13 American soldiers killed in Afghanistan.

🎥 Does Biden think that Putin is invading Iran?

🎥 This was so bizarre. Biden screams “go get him!” at the end of his speech. Did he forget where he was?

🎥 Hannity: I can’t even begin to explain this Pelosi reaction

🎥 Did she really say this? Listen to Kamala Harris break down what’s happening in Ukraine like she’s talking to a 1st grader.



🎥 Dementia Joe couldn’t pronounce the name of his own Supreme Court nominee.

🎥 This happened at a polling location in Texas as voters tried to cast their ballot in the primary election for the Governor’s race.

🎥 Greg Gutfeld UNLOADED on anyone who believes Joe Biden saying he wants to “FUND the police”



🎥 Never before seen footage of 9/11 was just released and shows the attack from a different angle.

🎥 Gov. Kristi Noem BRILLIANTLY dismantled the Biden SOTU speech


🎥 This clip of Gov. Ron DeSantis telling students to take off their masks went absolutely VIRAL. Some people love it. Some people are slamming him for it.


🎥 LOL: Watch lawmakers trying to survive Biden’s State of the Union speech

🎥 White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki actually said the truth… by accident.

🎥 The anniversary of the National Anthem was just recent, so here’s a great video by PragerU that refutes the left’s claim that the song is racist.

🎥 And if you want a simple history of how Francis Scott Key wrote it while being held aboard a British Navy ship during the War of 1812, this video [intended for kids] is actually pretty good.

🎥 Teen Kids News: What is the Story Behind the Writing of the American National Anthem?

🎥 Black-clad protestors shut down a Young Conservatives of Texas event at the University of North Texas, screaming “f**k these fascists” at the speaker, House candidate Jeff Younger. Younger is a father who recently lost a child custody battle with his ex-wife after contesting his nine-year-old son’s transgender diagnosis. I’m not sure if these are students. There are unverified reports that it’s a local ANTIFA chapter. Nevertheless, it’s always amusing to watch “anti-fascists” shut down speech.


🎥 The left is BIG MAD about the clip of Ron DeSantis telling a group of college students they should take off their masks. In response, DeSantis dropped this EPIC video.

🎥 Regardless of how you feel about the conflict in Ukraine, Sen. Lindsay Graham going on TV and calling for Putin’s assassination is a very stupid thing to suggest.

🎥 A missile strikes right above this Ukrainian man while he’s recording a selfie video

🎥 Surveillance cameras captured a Russian attack on a Ukrainian nuclear power plant that caused a fire to break out.


🎥 The lead hag over on The View [Joy Behar] took a spill live on air while trying to sit down.

🎥 Nancy Pelosi says she wants Reps Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Green to “shut up” after they heckled Biden during the State of the Union.


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