Go Right News Weekly VIRAL Headlines News and Videos For Oct 2nd thru 6th 2023

Written by on October 6, 2023

Go Right News Weekly VIRAL Headlines News and Videos For Oct 2nd thru 6th 2023

Shared By Peter Boykin – American Political Commentator / Citizen Journalist / Political Candidate


Go Right News Weekly VIRAL Headlines News and Videos For Oct 2nd thru 6th 2023

Go Right News Weekly VIRAL Headlines News and Videos For Oct 2nd thru 6th 2023



📉 U.S. added just 89k jobs in Sept, missing the 150,000 target

💰 Trump raised $45.5 million in Q3, DeSantis raises $5 million

🗓️ On this day on 10-5-1947, President Truman made the first presidential speech on TV

Sources: The National Pulse, The National Pulse, History


🆘 The U.S. is currently adding $32 billion in debt per day

😩 80% of Americans say the economy causes them anxiety

🚸 71% of Americans say illegal immigration is getting worse

🗓️ On this day 10-4-1957, the Soviet Union launched Sputnik, world’s first artificial satellite

Sources: Kobeissi, News Nation, Harvard/Harris, History




🤕 74% of voters are concerned over Biden’s health

⚧️ 48% of trans adults experience depression, 56% report anxiety

🏠 U.S. housing market total valuation hit record high $51.9 trillion

🗓️ On this day in 10-3-1995, O.J. Simpson was acquitted of murder

Sources: NBC News, Washington Post, Zillow, History


💟 Senator Dianne Feinstein has died at 90

🚸 260k illegals were caught crossing the border in Sept, most ever

🤡 46% of college students support shutting down speakers they oppose

📊 GOP primary average: 57.6% Trump, 13.7% DeSantis, 5.6% Haley

Sources: The National Pulse, NY Post, Buckley Institute at Yale University, RCP


⬇️ Biden average approval: 41.4% approve, 54.5% disapprove

📉 2nd GOP viewership dropped more than 25%

🆘 60% of U.S. consumers are living paycheck to paycheck

🗓️ Kari Lake will launch her Senate bid on October 10

Sources: RCP, Politico, Pymnts and LendingClub, WSJ



🇺🇦 The Biden regime is expected to announce that it will send seized Iranian small arms and ammunition to Ukraine.

US To Send Weapons Seized From Iran to Ukraine

🚪 Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was finally evicted from her private Capitol office by the new interim Speaker. Word on the street is, that this is in retaliation for Democrats not voting to keep McCarthy.


🏥 More than 75,000 nurses, pharmacists and other employees of the Kaiser Permanente health system have stopped work in a dispute over wages and staffing.


✅ Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has announced that he is suing President Joe Biden for referring to him as a “Russian Pawn” during one of the 2020 Presidential debates with Donald Trump.

Rudy Giuliani is Suing Joe Biden.

🤖 An independent tech investigator found a ChatGPT-4 blacklist, excluding the use of sources like Breitbart, Epoch Times due to “conspiracy” and “hate speech” concerns.


🎞️ A group of House Republicans is asking Capitol Police to release all footage of Rep. Jamaal Bowman pulling a fire alarm in a House office building to delay a vote last week.


⚠️ The number of foreign-born workers in the United States is now just under 32 million, representing an all-time high and rising by nearly 10 million in the past three years alone under the Biden government.

Foreign-Born Workers in U.S. At ‘All-Time High’.

🪙 Sam Bankman-Fried allegedly defrauded FTX users of $10 billion, according to a U.S. prosecutor at the ex-billionaire’s fraud trial.


📦 Amazon used an algorithm called “Project Nessie” to test raising prices hoping competitors would follow, according to the FTC’s monopoly lawsuit against them.


✅ The Biden regime likely violated the First Amendment when lobbying Silicon Valley companies to remove or suppress the spread of online content about elections, a federal appeals court ruled.


🤡 New York Judge Arthur Engoron issued a gag order after President Trump shared a post on Truth Social pointing out his law clerk’s links with New York Senator Chuck Schumer.

Judge Imposes GAG ORDER After Trump Points Out His Staff’s Links to Schumer, Democrats.

🇺🇦 The Biden regime is scrambling to try to assure U.S. allies that war aid to Ukraine will continue despite the growing number of Republicans in Congress who oppose it.


😂 Senior officials at the Democratic National Committee are sounding the alarm that the committee is falling short of its own diversity goals.


👍 The U.S. military captured two suspected Islamic State group leaders during separate helicopter raids in northern Syria during the last week of September.


✈️ Chicago is now sheltering hundreds of illegal migrants at O’Hare International Airport as the city waits for new shelters to be built.


💔 Two United States Army soldiers were killed and a dozen injured after a military transport truck they were traveling in was involved in a single-vehicle accident near Fairbanks, Alaska.


🚨 Democrat Rep. Henry Cuellar was reportedly carjacked at gunpoint outside his Washington apartment. Several armed suspects pointed guns at his head and demanded his car, cell phone, and food.


⏏️ Rep. Matt Gaetz formally moved to oust House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, filing a motion to vacate the chair. (it worked)


✅ The Supreme Court turned down a case challenging Trump’s eligibility to appear on 2024 election ballots because of his alleged role in the January 6 riot.


🇷🇺 Russia will hold nationwide drills today to prepare civilians for a nuclear conflict while some in Moscow urse Putin to test an atomic bomb to intimidate the West.


🤡 The scientists who developed the mRNA technology used in the Pfizer, BioNTech, and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines were awarded this year’s Nobel Prize.

And This Year’s Nobel Prize Goes To… The mRNA Vaccine Creators!?


🇨🇦 The increasingly authoritarian government of Justin Trudeau in Canada has mandated that podcasting platforms and streaming services must register with the government.



💩 A Pentagon official has been charged for running a brutal dog-fighting ring – and evidence includes jumper cables found at his home that were allegedly used to execute the losing animals.



🆘 Three girls were kidnapped, raped, and tortured by an illegal immigrant gang in northern Minnesota, including an 11-year-old. Eleven other illegals were arrested at the scene and transported by U.S. Border Patrol.

Biden’s America: Illegal Immigrant Gang Kidnaps Three Girls, Including 11-Year-Old, in Northern Minnesota and Rapes and Tortures Them – Not Making Headlines


✈️ The Biden regime is prohibiting senior administration officials from traveling for international energy engagements that promote carbon-intensive fuels, including oil, natural gas, and coal.



💸 The Pentagon is warning Congress that it is running low on money to replace weapons the U.S. has sent to Ukraine and has already been forced to slow down resupplying some troops.



🚨 Josh Kruger, a leftist Philadelphia journalist with a long history of downplaying violent crime in the city, was shot and killed inside his home. On Twitter, Kruger openly mocked people who expressed concerns about homicides in Philadelphia. I don’t share this to shame a man who tragically died. But it’s a very real reminder that our cities are becoming unsafe and downplaying that reality does not fix the problem.



3️⃣ U.S. presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will announce he is running as an independent instead of pursuing his long-shot bid to oust President Joe Biden as the Democratic Party nominee.


🗂️ A millennial IRS consultant named Charles Littlejohn has been charged with stealing former President Trump’s tax returns and giving them to the New York Times.

IRS Consultant Charged with Leaking Trump’s Tax Returns to Media.

💉 The label for the diabetes drug Ozempic — which has become popular for weight loss — now acknowledges reports of blocked intestines following use of the medication.


🚨 Las Vegas police have arrested Duane ‘Keffe D’ Davis in connection to the 1996 drive-by shooting of rapper Tupac Shakur.

Man Arrested in Connection With 1996 2Pac Shooting.

✅ Former bodega worker Jose Alba, who was previously charged with murder for defending himself, is suing Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and the NYPD for racial discrimination in his arrest.


🏛️ The Supreme Court issued a list of cases it would be tackling in the upcoming term, including cases about the FBI’s “No Fly List,” property rights, and social media regulation laws.


🪼 Even without a central brain, jellyfish can learn from past experiences like humans, mice, and flies, scientists report for the first time.

Brainless Brilliance: Jellyfish Stun Scientists With Learning Skills

💩 Disgraced former ABC News reporter James Gordon Meek was sentenced to six years in prison after admitting to trading child pornography content.


✅ House Oversight issued long-promised subpoenas for the personal and business bank records of President Biden’s son Hunter Biden as part of the House GOP’s impeachment inquiry.

Comer subpoenas Hunter Biden’s bank records

🆘 A 34-year-old illegal immigrant is accused of molesting a 7-year-old girl at knifepoint in a Queens hotel that is housing illegal immigrants after luring the girl and her twin sister to his room.


🤡 CNN told an IRS public affairs officer two years ago that they had an email from Hunter Biden, in which he anticipated his legal issues would “go away” once his father assumed the presidency. But CNN kept it hidden all this time.


🧕 The United Nations has lashed out at France’s recent decision to ban the wearing of Islamic headscarves for athletes competing in the Paris Olympics next year.

UN Lashes Out at France For Banning Islamic Headscarves At 2024 Paris Olympics.

🫰 The Biden regime is moving ahead with plans to resume collecting student loan payments in the coming days, regardless of whether the government shuts down this weekend.


🇨🇳 Chinese Communist Party-linked hackers stole roughly 60,000 emails from multiple State Department and Department of Commerce accounts earlier this summer, impacting 25 United States entities.

Chinese Hackers Steal 60,000 Emails From US State Department.

🏹 The House, in a nearly unanimous (424-1) vote, struck down the Biden regime’s decision to block federal funding from school programs offering shooting courses.




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🎥 Trump is asked about his name being thrown around as a potential Speaker of the House.

“If I Can Help I’ll Do It” – Trump Asked About His Name Being Floated for House Speaker


🎥 Portuguese drivers had enough of climate nutjobs blocking the road.

Portuguese drivers had enough of climate nutjobs blocking the road


🎥 LMAO Candace Owens makes quick work of a triggered snowflake.

Candace Owens Hits Back When Snowflake Feels Victimized By Her Presence


🎥 This is worse than a border crisis. It’s an invasion.

Happy Invasion: Here’s El Paso Last Night on Our “Secured” Southern Border


🎥 Fed up Chicago residents shout down the Mayor as he pitches building a new colony for illegals.

Fed Up Chicago Residents Drown Out Mayor Johnson as He Pitches Colony for Illegals “You Work for Us”


🎥 The NY Post released footage of the liberal activist who was viciously stabbed to death on the streets of New York in front of his girlfriend. [warning: violence]

BREAKING: Video released of stabbing of NYC leftist in Brooklyn


🎥 Aaron Rogers ROASTS NFL tight end Travel Kelce as “Mr Pfizer” after he made commercials for the Covid vaccine.

Aaron Rodgers ROASTS Chiefs TE Travis Kelce, dubs him “Mr. Pfizer”


🎥 More disturbing video of the judge presiding over Trump’s civil fraud case. This is from 2015.

Judge Trying Trump Case Made SHOCKING Admission in 2015


🎥 Rep. Matt Gaetz went NUCLEAR on House Republicans who take their money from corporate lobbyists.

🔥 Matt Gaetz Goes OFF on the DC Swamp: ‘Oh, Boo All You Want!’ 🔥

🎥 LOL: Fox News gets trolled by a prank caller promoting Tucker Carlson.

Fox News gets trolled by prank caller promoting Tucker Carlson

🎥 This is really vulgar but very satisfying to watch. An NYC resident goes nuclear when some wanna-be Gestapo tries to stop him from filming outside an illegal immigrant shelter.

NYC resident goes NUCLEAR on security outside an illegal immigrant shelter

🎥 104-year-old woman goes skydiving!

104-Year-Old Chicago Woman Skydives From Plane

🎥 Take a look at this smirking liberal judge. Does he look like he’s set to give Trump a fair trial?

Literal Show Trial: Judge in Trump Trial Smiles for the Camera

🎥 Mary Katherine Ham schools liberal Bill Maher and his sidekick on the Russia hoax and Biden corruption.

Mary Katherine Ham has liberal panel scrambling with Trump hoax truth

🎥 Socialist Rep. Bowman doubles down on stupid. Doesn’t know what a fire alarm is.

Rep. Bowman Doubles Down on “I Don’t Know How Fire Alarms Work” Defense


🎥 This is Philadelphia. Man kicks in car’s back window while kids are in the backseat, points a gun at mom.

More Philly Crime: Man Kicks In Window With 2 Kids In The Car, Points Gun At Mom

🎥 Breakout NFL star quarterback uses the postgame press conference to talk about his faith.

Media Is Silent After Dolphins QB Explains How His Faith Keeps Him Grounded

🎥 What is happening in our country? A shoplifter lights a store clerk on fire.

Shoplifter Sets Store Clerk on Fire After Trying To Stop Him


🎥 Uh oh… NY Gov. Kathy Hochul changed her tune on illegals, from 2021 to 2023.

Kathy Hochul 2021 Versus Kathy Hochul 2023


🎥 Tucker Carlson breaks down the corruption in our country that put Donald Trump in court.

Ep. 27 Donald Trump appeared in court today, but it wasn’t a legal proceeding


🎥 Devastating footage shows the moment a fire broke out at an Iraqi wedding that killed over 100.

The Terrifying Moment a Fire Breaks Out At a Wedding In Iraq Killing Over 100 People


🎥 Bill Maher confronts Ron DeSantis about his decision to run against Trump.

Bill Maher: “Let’s face it Ron, if this campaign was going well, you wouldn’t be on this show.”


🎥 Tucker Carlson makes a startling comparison between the Bolsheviks and modern America today.

This may be the most powerful speech Tucker Carlson has ever given


🎥 This DIRTY move took place during a college football game.

Louisiana Tech Player Stomps On Opponents Neck

🎥 The new Sphere venue in Las Vegas is stunning.

U2 concert uses stunning visuals to open massive Sphere venue in Las Vegas


🎥 Joe Biden thinks Americans are too stupid to get their own information on the internet.

Bribery Biden Thinks We’re Too Stupid to Be Allowed to Get Information From the Internet


🎥 Donald Trump does a spot-on imitation of Joe Biden trying to find his way off stage.

Trump has crowd HOWLING as he brutally mocks Biden trying to get off stage

🎥 Actor Rob Schneider explains how the current social insanity brought him back to God. Watch.

Actor Rob Schneider Explains How the Current Societal Insanity Brought Him Back to God

🎥 James Comer ends Biden impeachment hearing with a major announcement.

Comer Ends Today’s Impeachment Hearing With A Bang


🎥 Gotta admit, Sean Hannity did a nice job cornering Greasy Gavin Newsom on Biden’s border crisis.

Sean Hannity makes a FOOL out of Gavin Newsom on border crisis


🎥 Rep. Byron Donalds BROUGHT IT during the impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden, laying out the FACTS.

BYRON DONALDS: “For my colleagues on the other side, we’re going to start talking evidence now!”



🎥 LOL! Have you ever seen the classic clip of Bill O’Reilly going NUTS during a broadcast? Tucker asks him about that infamous clip.

O’Reilly Explains Famous “We’ll Do It Live!” Incident

🎥 THROWBACK! Here’s the news report back when Trump bought Mar-A-Lago.

Flashback: Trump Purchases Mar-a-Lago

🎥 Megyn Kelly went BALLISTIC on the Fox News anchors at the 2nd GOP debate. She picked up on, that the candidates were intentionally speaking over Vivek.

Megyn Kelly Goes BALLISTIC at Fox for Allowing GOP Debate Chaos

🎥 Enjoy this segment from the Greg Gutfeld Show recapping the 2nd GOP debate – especially the comedian at the end – hilarious!

We all owe President Trump a Big Thank-you!



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